RKUK Media and Dr Who Production

RKUK Media is a media company that are continuing to aim higher in the media concept of the companies name. To do this RKUK has and intends to make more partnerships with other networks in the field to produce entertainment for the RKUK Media website.

RKUK Media itself was created in 1997 and arrived online in 2005 and, whilst the site is only owned by Ben Hanson, the site has many partners helping projects take place such as RKUK Videos etc.

RKUK Media recently became involved in a production managed by Ben Hunter, who has been involved before with RKUK Media to create 12 of the 58 videos created for RKUK Entertainment. However things have recently turned to an unpleasant form when Rob Crossley, who was also involved with the production and a big contributor to RKUK Entertainment quit the production based on Copyright Suspicions with what the productions intentions were, this led RKUK Media to investigate the production and this is what we have found.

RKUK Media’s Involvement

Whilst hearing multiple stories of what our involvement was in this production we are just going to lay down the law of what we did. RKUK Media agreed to distribute the content through RKUK Media’s online services, notably our YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and (free) iTunes and join our current RKUK Entertainment videos under our name. The production itself is managed by Ben Hunter and not RKUK Media.


RKUK Media have heard that the production is intended to get to a profitable level, performances of the production, money made through the production etc, this was not what RKUK Media agreed to in the beginning of the production but we have publicly announced that RKUK Media will remain involved in the production ONLY if proof of Copyright permission from the BBC is given, this has failed to arrive in the time we requested.

Copyright Evidence

Dr Who is a major thing for the BBC and is a precious asset to their collection of productions for BBC Television and obviously is protected by vigorous Copyright law. RKUK Media have analysed these and have noted two important mentions from BBCs website which has automatically terminated RKUK Media’s full involvement in this production.

This is the basis of what would be taking place, and this what BBC has to say;

I am doing a school project/case study on Doctor Who, can I use copyright material?

If the material is only going to be used within your work and available only to you or an examiner, then yes, you may. If the work is to be displayed, performed or distributed in any way, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, then this would be a breach of copyright. 

BBC’s Dr Who Copyright Website

For these reasons and more we are as we have cancelled all involvement in the production, it is now purely Ben Hunter’s decision to take the next step. RKUK Media and Ben Hanson are now out of the production.

Message to those still involved in the production.

RKUK Media is quitting all involvement in this production before it is finished to avoid major Copyright fraud from the BBC as the productions intentions will definitely lead to this. We would recommend yourself to leave the production as well unless Ben Hunter and others involved with the production change their intentions in this production. The only legal outcome from doing this production would be to put it on YouTube full stop, by performing it, showing it publicly, distributing it (on DVD, download at any cost) is against the law and by being involved in the production yourself you could be linked and receive a fine and time in prison for being involved in a production under the knowledge it is against the law.

RKUK Media’s Ben Hanson made this statement;

“It’s a shame that I’ve had to pull out of the production as it has actually been going rather well, but based on what they are intending to do at the end of the day is against the law and by RKUK Media been involved its all going to come crashing down to us and we can’t have that happening”.

The words “Dr Who”, “Doctor Who”, “The Doctor” are trademarks of BBC ltd.

© British Broadcasting Corporation 1927 – 2010


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