Protocol started out in 2005 releasing their first single She Waits For Me, then in early 2006 with Wheres The Pleasure, due to record label ‘Polydor’ and Protocol having arguments and disagreements with each other the band split up and third single ‘Love Is My Drug’ was cancelled as a single and the album ‘Rules Of Engagement’ was never to be!

Protocol were produced by Mike Peden. The band consists of;

  • John Pritchard, lead vocals
  • James McMaster, guitar
  • Steven Oates, bass
  • David Malik, keyboards/synthesizers
  • Dominic Joseph, drums

The five-piece, who had been honing their craft since meeting four years earlier, ran their own club night, Vanity, in London. Protocol also toured with New Order, Fisherspooner, The Bravery, Hard-Fi and played the Wireless and V Festivals. The band were signed to Polydor Records, but were dropped in April 2006, although the band continued to tour before splitting up later that year.

Dominic Joseph, the drummer, went on to DJ and co-produce in Electro Duo Leatherhead, supporting Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and Pete Tong, playing at Glasontbury Festival and Rockness Festival amongst others. and played drums for various artists including Lucie Silvas and Jamie Burke. Dominic is currently CEO & co-founder of the international Advertising Technology business, Captify.

But that hasn’t stopped us here reviving the Protocol content and making it easily accessible to all who want to listen, all of which available below;

Music Videos

01 Protocol She Waits For Me Banner
Click the image to watch Music Video

First single She Waits For Me

02 Protocol Where's The Pleasure Banner
Click image to watch music video

Second and most well known single, Where’s The Pleasure

03 Protocol Love Is My Drug Banner
Click image to watch music video

Third and final single, Love Is My Drug

Downloads Text

Below you can listen to, and download, all of Protocol’s back catalogue, from the three singles, some Acoustic tracks and of course the debut album ‘Rules of Engagement’.




As mention above, downloads for the debut ‘Rules of Engagement’ and more, returning shortly


Due to Protocol being unsigned for over 3 years, the following files are not protected by regular copyright law. However ‘Where’s The Pleasure’ and ‘She Waits For Me’ are protected by copyright law from Polydor records 2005.


But, since Rules of Engagement, Protocol haven’t stayed silent, and here’s more from the band members and lead singe John Pritchard, available below just click and see;

Protocolsingerkeyboard TBBC

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