Closer look at the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Colour Options and more comparisons!

Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are set to begin delivery this Friday, October 23rd, question of course for most purchasing these devices is of course, which colour are you going for? We will also be looking at differentiating difference between the 6.1 inch regular and Pro models before the release of the Mini and Max later next month.

We’re taking a closer look at the options available for you, then let you decide.

iPhone 12

As you can see above, the iPhone 12 is available in a choice of 5 different colours, all supporting the same front design. This years iPhone models have no changes made to the bezel design when compared to the previous Pro models, but do have a change compared to last years regular iPhone 11, and iPhone XR models. Gone is the thicker bezels and LCD display, and replaced by the same OLED display found also in the iPhone 12 Pro, meaning the display is no longer a deciding factor to go for the regular or Pro models. This goes even further when you realise they’re exactly the same size body and display at 6.1 inch, an increase on the Pro side from the former 5.8 inch.

The new colour on the block this years for all iPhone 12 models is of course Blue. On the iPhone 12 it is backed up by a glossy glass back and blue aluminium sides. We think this is going to be a popular choice, especially with the dark blue approach making it likely popular with both male or female buyers.

The second new colour this year is exclusive to the iPhone 12 (regular) line is this pale Green colour. Whilst the iPhone 11 Pro last year had a darker Green colour, this year we’ve more a brighter Green colour. Whilst this is a new colour so, like the Blue, so it will be most obvious you’ve ‘got the new one’, we don’t think this is even close as an appealing choice. We know some people will like it, but we’re definitely expecting this being the least popular choice.

As always, the most out-there colour for the iPhone is of course the PRODUCT [RED] variant and that doesn’t change this year. Just like the 11 before it, the Red iPhone 12 has a striking glossy Red colour on the back glass and a red aluminium boarder. Due to the pandemic, proceeds for the purchase of the PRODUCT [RED] iPhone now goes towards tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Getting back to the more traditional colour iPhone models, it’s clear where the iPhone 5-style design is becoming obvious. Whilst we don’t have diamond-cut edges, which is a good thing so they won’t easily dent, we do have that Black side aluminium boarders and that glossy Black design backed up by a silver Apple logo. For those fans of Black iPhones, you’ll be happy to know this is Black, not some next variant of Space Grey, or in the case of the 12 Pro, Graphite.

Finally we have the White iPhone 12. Like the Black iPhone 12, it’s clear where the iPhone 5-esc design has returned, though naturally not this time with a White facia due to the more covered display with notch design. Also in the same as the Black, the White iPhone 12 is indeed White this time, instead of a Silver or Creamy White design, so we know this will still be a popular choice for those who don’t see the Pro as a worth-while upgrade, and prefer the more classy looking colours. This is our choice of iPhone 12 this year.

iPhone 12 Pro

Whilst you’d be forgiven for not noticing this, but their is in fact 4 colours for this years iPhone 12 Pro line, 3 for which are different than last years 12 Pro, 1 being the Silver variant, stays the same minus the natural change in a flatter side design on the Stainless Steel. Despite this, Apple only seem to be promoting the 2 more striking colour changes, mostly the Blue and the much-more-gold Gold colour.

Last years special colour for the Pro line was a fairly divisive Green colour, this year it’s a much more well received Blue colour. Unlike the regular 12, the 12 Pro blue colour supports the frosted-glass with the hint of Blue colour, which alongside the glossy bold Blue colour on the sides makes for a striking combination. Whilst stock recently hasn’t suggested this, we’re still expecting this to be a favourite for the 12 Pro line.

The Gold iPhone 12 Pro is probably the most Gold iPhone we’ve had for a while, the sides are striking glossy Gold, without any tint of anything Rose at all. Whilst the Back is far more muted, mostly due to the frosted glass, we’re sure this will be a popular colour choice for those fans of Gold. Doesn’t do anything for us, but we know for others, will be different.

This is by far our least favourite iPhone 12 Pro colour, Graphite. Whilst Apple seem to constantly find some excuse not to offer a truly Black Pro model, this year it’s entered the field of bland. Whilst the multiple, ever-changing Space Grey variants were OK if you really had to, the Graphite colour of the 12 Pro is almost begging for a back case.

We told you it was practically the same, this is the iPhone 12 Pro in Silver. We think it’s fair to say, from a distance where the flatter sides aren’t as noticeable, it would be difficult to distinguish this from an 11 Pro, and when it comes to the Back, outside of the LiDAR sensor on the bottom right of the Camera, it’s more or less identical. That doesn’t take away the good looking classy design, we’re a fan of the Silver, just it’s the one instance where this feels like an “S” year.

Which model or colour is for you?

Whilst we’re fairly boring and like the Silver iPhone 12, we can’t deny that the new Blue looks striking on the 12 Pro, but which colour is for you? Will the colour availability be the single factor deciding which of the two you pick?

Naturally, there’s more than colour differences between the two, but you’ll probably be surprised to know how little differences outside of price and Stainless Steel boarders their actually is

What’s the same between 12 and 12 Pro

Not including Mini or Max variants, the 12 and 12 Pro are literally identical in size, this goes from their top to bottom, sides, thickness, everything, the 12 Pro is naturally slightly heavier due to the Stainless Steel, otherwise they feel like the same phone.

Outside of design, Processor, main and Ultrawide Camera, Display (outside of max brightness) and Case availability is literally the same between the two models, which is pretty big as those are normally defining factors to split you to a different variant. It’s worth mentioning these are also same on the 12 Mini, when that becomes available.

5G, the big buzz word for the new iPhone models, likely due to Qualcomm, was rumoured to be different between the non-Pro and Pro models, but we can confirm that ALL iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models support the same Wireless standards both in terms of WiFi with WiFi 6 (802.11AX), the new Ultra Wideband chip, 5G Sub-6 and Millimetre Wave* (*currently US only)

The differences

Outside of the increase similarities, their are some differences between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and we’re going to run through these now, disappointingly this won’t take long;

  1. Alleged RAM increase: Naturally this can’t be confirmed until units enter peoples hands, but there’s expectation that the regular 12 models will support 4GB whilst Pro models will be supporting 6GB of RAM. Granted on iPhones, RAM is far less of an important factor than the more bloated Android though
  2. Telephoto lens: If you’re coming from an iPhone X, or XS, your secondary Camera is a Telephoto lens offering optical-class zoom for your Photos, you won’t find that on the regular iPhone 11 models, instead you’ll find an Ultrawide, which, whilst is probably the more useful of the two, is something to keep in mind for the extra ~£150 typical price point.
  3. LiDAR for AR: Whist Apple has been trying to convince us for years that AR is important, LiDAR is definitely the next step towards this. Originally present in the iPad Pro models, the LiDAR sensor allows far quicker mapping of the area and should present better AR performance, though iPad users will tell you that’s not always the case.
  4. The design: We mentioned earlier, and it could be true, you may quite frankly prefer the 12 or the 12 Pro due to their design. The Blue, in our opinion looks better on the Pro, but you’ve other colours like Red and Green not even on the Pro you can choose from.
  5. 512GB Storage: One configuration you will not find on the iPhone 12, or 12 Mini is the option for 512GB of Storage, there’s some out there wondering where the 1TB option is from the iPad line, but there you go. Naturally if you are going to be recording using 4K 60fps (especially the new HDR mode) you will be using up a ton of space. For most 256GB max is more than enough space, but something to keep in mind should you be incredibly heavy on local Storage

Overview and general recommendations.

For the first time since the iPhone 6S days, we can say with confidence there’s a very few select people who we’d be recommending the iPhone 12 Pro models over the iPhone 12 this year, which is surprising and we must be honest, disappointing. The rumours of Apple adding Promotion this year, we know, would have been the ultimate reason for Pro users to opt for the Pro model this year but that didn’t come to be. In fact the only reason to opt for any model in the Pro line will be in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, where Apple has updated every Sensor with big improvements across the board, as well as for those who want that bigger display. Outside of that, we must be honest and state, for the extra money, you’re getting very little with the iPhone 12 Pro, but again, that also reiterates just how good the iPhone 12, and 12 Mini for that matter, really are.

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