Samsung’s official Note 7 Investigation concludes unsurprisingly ‘Battery was the cause of Fires’

Exploded Note 7 on plane floor
Exploded Note 7 on plane floor

Following the rollercoaster ride the company went through last year with their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, Samsung have finally concluded their long investigation into what caused a wide number of their smartphones to catch fire, and has unsurprisingly concluded the battery was indeed the main reason.

Their was talk suggesting, one of the reasons the Note 7 may have suffered such problems was due to Samsung pushing a tighter demand in hope to beat Apple with the iPhone 7, which they did beat the release date of the iPhone 7 with the initial Note 7 launch.

A person familiar with the matter has also informed the news today that Samsung was indeed able to replicate the same fires during its own investigation, and has also stated that the cause could not be explained by hardware or software related matters.

The source also claims the official results, and full discussion of the results, will be announced on January 23rd, one day before the company will announce its Q4 2016 earnings, where Samsung is expected to announce new measures it is taking to prevent similar problems in future devices, likely to calm remaining shareholders in the company.

Galaxy S8 Concept

Following the major problems caused with the Note 7, one of which is expected to have cost the company far in extend of over $5.2 billion USD, the company is now hoping that future devices, such as the far rumoured Galaxy S8 will be just the ticket to bring the company back on track and trust with consumers.

And with rumours of an almost bezel-less design supporting a 4K Super AMOLED display, display embedded home button and a new AI assistant … the Galaxy S8 definitely has the ingredients to be one of the biggest Smartphone announcements in 2017.

The device is expected to be announced slightly later than usual, Spring, and we naturally can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us.

View the Galaxy Note 7 recall from the beginning here!

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