Nokia Lumia 920 price rumours, as cheap as HTC 8X?

Nokia Lumia 920 in Black

We were pretty amazed by the pre-order price for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S in UK, with the HTC 8X selling for £332.48 without VAT and the HTC 8S for £187.48 excluding VAT.

HTC 8X in purple.

As soon as we heard HTC’s Windows Phone 8 range prices, yes we were impressed, but what would seal the deal would be news of Nokia prices, well it turns out, we’ve been hearing reports via that the Nokia Lumia 920 is going on pre-order at Toaboa, China’s largest online shopping site, for 3,999 HKD, which to you and me is an incredible $512 (US) and £320 approx!  WeLoveWP confirmed from their sources that these prices are real.

To sweeten the deal even more in China there is a bundle which offers the Lumia 920, a Wireless Charging Pad and Bluetooth headset for  4,399 RMB ($700 (US) / £437), if that deal comes to the UK as a bundle, count me in!

If these prices are replicated in the rest of the world HTC may find even their very low prices will not give them the success they are so confident off.  On the other hand Nokia is likely to set the world on fire with the Nokia Lumia 920, which offers amazing value for very little money.

The devices themselves, the HTC 8X and Lumia 920, do have some major differences that may wean users still to the Nokia counterpart. Whilst Camera and Display tech is really not much of a selling point on the Lumia 920 due to HTCs higher PPI and equally impressive camera, the Lumia 920 does however offer twice storage at 32GB, .2inch larger screen, and Wireless Charging, something I think many people will want to use, no one likes to use wires these days.

Either way, its the consumers that will make the real choice, even whilst Samsung’s Windows Phone ATIV-S is the best practically spec Windows Phone 8 phone, it will likely expected to be priced in the GSIII price point, which would still leave HTC and Nokia to battle it out for the true value for money package! All we need now is the last few handsets to be announced, which can mean only one thing…

its your turn Huawei, blow us away…

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