RKUK Media Statement in relation to the death of local MP: Jo Cox


RKUK Media is a company proud of it’s heritage, we are based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire and have been since the incarnation of our companies birth. This also home to the vast majority of those who work at and with RKUK Media including CEO and Founder.

Cleckheaton is also co-incidentally an area covered by an elected Batley and Spen MP and news surrounding Jo Cox has naturally shook us all and is something we simply could not ignore.


Whilst making a speech in her local constituency in Birstall, Jo Cox, as were all major MPs and Parties today, were speaking their views upon the upcoming European Referendum facing the United Kingdom and the question of it’s involvement in the European Union. Whether you or anyone else are expecting to be voting in or out, it’s saddening that it’s suspected the attack on Jo Cox was in relation to a Political move as the suspected 52 year old man was heard shouting “Britain first” before being detained by Police.

Jo Cox was attacked outside of the Library where she’d made the speech in Birstall, a place where she holds regular advise surgeries, and which was to be the last place she would have being seen alive by the general public. Jo was stabbed and shot at multiple times by the suspected 52 year old man, who has been arrested, and following the brutal attack was instantly brought to Leeds General Infirmary where she was in a ‘critical condition’. Another man was also injured by the same man who attacked Jo, however has been left with thankfully only minor injuries.

However, just a few hours following her admission to Leeds General Infirmary, it was confirmed in a statement around 5pm today, though in hospital around 1:48pm, that Jo Cox had died following the attack taken upon her, aged just 41.

Following the announcement of her death, all EU Campaigning has been suspended temporarily as a mark of respect, and naturally Police and officials, something we would echo, wish the best towards her husband Brendan and the two children who are now without their mother.



Statement by RKUK Media CEO

Jo Cox was brought up in Heckmondwike, which is literally as close of the less than 2 miles of the attack in Birstall from us in Cleckheaton. I’ve found out today that she was also of distantly relation to my Grandma’s sister Gene, who are naturally feeling the shock as much as everyone else.

Due to this tragedy alone, never mind how close they even are in relation to me showing just what a small world it is, I and everyone else at RKUK Media would like to join leaving our respects for the unfortunate death of Jo Cox after what seems to have being a cowardly political orientated act.

A myriad or tributes have been pouring in from the death of Jo Cox all over Social media and can be viewed here on Twitter.