Update on Website progress (and beckoning transition)

We’re hoping for a soon transitional period, but have hit a brick wall we must climb…

As you may know, we’re currently offline on RKUK Media as we figure out a new direction for the company and where we can move the website going forward. We’ve historically in the last few years being focused on Technology with the odd-influx of Music reviews we’ve also being posting.

To drive revenue and mindshare to our website, a few years ago we launched RKUK Media: On Demand, a Video service where we partnered with content creators, this however, whilst was great, instead of driving mindshare, just drove people to those places.

We have many challenges we need to address as a company in terms of a realistic stable upturn as we move forward, which is something we’re still in the middle of looking into.

Financial Upturn

It’s no secret, that RKUK Media has been a non-profit business since we launched. However, moving forward investment is a vital issue, which will need addressing. This is the sticking factor preventing a lot of things moving forward.

Greater focus

We mentioned that we have been mostly focused on Technology over the last few years, with the odd journey in to Music posts. However, it’s this lack of clear direction which has been holding us back, led by lack of investment opportunities and more.


If the first two points could be cleared, this is where we believe we can strive, variety. We have goals, we have aims to provide a wide-breadth of content and services under the RKUK Media umbrella, but until, even the first, can be looked in to, this is why we’ve hit a stumbling block.

We’re currently weighing down the options we have at the moment. The hope is that we can have, at worse, a limited return for RKUK Media, but ideally, a much bigger and wider opportune return for the company.

We will be sharing more, as we take focus on where we wish the website to go, and if at all it will be possible going forward.

All our ventures require great company investment, both financially and humanly, we want so much more, but need more people and money to allow such. If this is not possible, we will be making a final say on the website future at the close of the year.

RKUK Media CEO: Ben Hanson, September 20th 2020

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