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Their may not be many of us providing content to you on RKUK Media, but that doesn’t stop us endlessly producing content available on the RKUK Media website. RKUK Media is lucky enough to not only have content self produced, we host a myriad of content outsourced, and it only seems right to credit them too.

Management and other leading roles

735126_4257010031414_2029973217_nBen Hanson


Ben is the founder of RKUK Media. Since the company began back in 1997, and went online in 2005, Ben has remained at RKUK Media providing the company through its multiple phases over the last decade.

Tim Godwin

Executive Website Management

Tim has been with RKUK Media from the start. Though not visibly, Tim has helped keep the company and website running, and is RKUK Media’s only non-UK resident contributor. Tim was also responsible for R-Network, which despite it’s failings is still proud we gave it a go.

Raki Qalis

Dept Ex Website Management


Raki works alongside Tim in keeping RKUK Media afloat throughout the many years it’s being going. Whilst Raki had a bigger role during the NING days of RKUK Media, Raki still today assists in where necessary in keeping things running smoothly.

Content Contributors

Technology heading 3

Claire Wortley

Technology Blog Poster / Contributor

Claire is one of our first permanent Technology Post Contributor. Claire has joined the team and will be producing content going forward for RKUK Media under ‘The Tech Show’, and we’ve full intention of adding many more going forward.

Video Entertainment heading 3

Pokémon: The Series XYZ

Season 19 of the popular Anime

As part of the new RKUK Media: On Demand, you can now watch the latest episodes of the latest Pokémon anime, The Series XYZ, from beginning to end. More obviously to come and we’re very proud to be able to host this right here for yours and our convenience.


Video Producer / Website Manager and Owner of

It’s hard to believe that Marriland, or Devin by his name, was one of those who kicked off video walkthroughs on YouTube with his Pokémon Diamond Walkthrough, and thankfully he just hasn’t stopped going. Now, Marriland is a brand of it’s own, not just on YouTube but through (formerly where you can find a vast and wide collection of Pokémon News, Tips and so much more.


Video Producer

Nappy is the true definition of a character player when it comes to walkthroughs, unlike the majority of those doing video walkthroughs, Nappy definitely doesn’t abide to the PG-13 audience as he likes to word it, expect a collection of cursing, but it’s all in good nature. Whilst Nappy is known mainly for his Pokémon series of Walkthroughs, he does work on a collection of other Games as well.


Video Producer

Chuggaaconroy, or by his name Emile, has produced video walkthroughs on YouTube now for over 7 years. Walkthroughs ranging from the world of Mario, Pokémon, Super Smash, Pikmin, to name but a few. One thing you can always guarantee is a specialised logo to support that series. Chuggaaconroy is widely regarded for his inability to resist bad puns, something we’re definitely not going to put anyone down for.

Us (RKUK Entertainment)

If you can’t beat them, join them as the saying goes. Well that saying kind of doesn’t work for RKUK Entertainment as our last production was a few years ago, but you can still check out what was quite a wide variety of content made by us. Comedy in the forms of mini short films, the popular series Dr Conrad, the lowest budget Brainiac ever in the form of The Limit and many other wacky videos to follow.

Music heading 3

Whilst RKUK Media do operate the RKUK Music Group, we have also hosted many Music projects on RKUK Media, these include;

Damn Crows

Ben Hanson, and in some cases Simon Caddy

Damn Crows have had 4 singles and a debut album ‘Unknown’. Damn Crows are self produced by RKUK Media’s very own Ben Hanson, and have featured Simon Caddy in two single releases. At present, Damn Crows are on hiatus, but naturally the back catalogue is available for all to hear.

Simon Pettigrew

Former lead singer of Ghosts, now amateur musician

Simon Pettigrew was the lead singer in British Group ‘Ghosts’ and saw success with their album ‘The World Is Outside’ with their self titled single and ‘Stay the Night’, Ghosts were set for success, however things just didn’t work out. Luckily we kept watch, and Simon Pettigrew has been releasing bits and bats which are all available on RKUK Media.


UK Band who broke up in 2009

Whilst lead singer John Pritchard did feature recently on The Voice UK, Protocol was where the fame was. However, record disputes with label Polydor halted further success for the band. But, we’ve kept hold of the back catalogue as well as an unreleased album ‘Rules of Engagement’, all of which are available for your listening pleasure.


At present, we’re still signing a few dotted lines, but we’ll have Sponsors showing here soon.

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