Windows Phone 8 finally reaches RTM reports that a Microsoft team member has tweeted these pictures on Weibo of the Windows Phone team signing off the RTM Signature Edition of Windows Phone 8 (the top picture shows Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Division), meaning the software is finally ready for final integration by OEMs. There is no way ofContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 finally reaches RTM”

So Just How Good is the Camera on the Lumia 920? (Video) Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 4S Nokia, after their big September 5th conference, showed some real life tests to attendees on how great the camera really is on the Lumia 920. Nokia showed how the Camera could take pictures and focus in complete darkness, in this case a smallContinue reading “So Just How Good is the Camera on the Lumia 920? (Video)”

Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview

NOKIA yesterday hosted a Switch to Lumia conference as part of NOKIA World in the great US to announce new Windows Phone 8 announcements and hardware. The event was to be the only one of the day, prior to rumours of a separate Nokia and Microsoft event. Introduction Nokia CEO kicked off Nokia’s ‘Switch toContinue reading “Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview”

HTC first Windows Phone 8 device leaks again!

HTCs first major Windows Phone 8 device has leaked again, rumoured to be called the HTC Accord, the devices specs have once again leaked out to the web with a much clearer picture, this time showing actual Windows Phone 8. HTC are expected to host an event on September 19th to release new Windows PhoneContinue reading “HTC first Windows Phone 8 device leaks again!”

Nokia’s Green Day Promotion reasons detailed

Whilst watching the ‘SwitchToLumia’ event by Nokia it became rather apparent that anytime Music was demoed they were playing music by US soft-rock band Green Day, which is fair enough, but all demos of Music tend to feature more than one band or artist. Well it seems all that has become a lot clearer todayContinue reading “Nokia’s Green Day Promotion reasons detailed”

Nokia Lumia announcements overshadow Motorola

On the same day Motorola released their Motorola Droid Razr HD, an event the company called “the days main event”, turned out to be anything but. WMPowerUser reports of how little interest was given towards the Motorola event, and more upon Nokia’s ‘SwitchToLumia’ event which was taking place on the same day. It seems thatContinue reading “Nokia Lumia announcements overshadow Motorola”

Windows Phone 8 features a new hidden Keyboard Feature

It seems Joe Belfiore was trying to slip a new Windows Phone 8 feature past right under our noses. It was noted during Joe’s presentation that the keyboard appeared to be not only trying to complete his word, but also anticipating the next word in the sentence. In the screen shots above the keyboard isContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 features a new hidden Keyboard Feature”

Official PayPal app finally comes to Windows Phone

Its been a long wait, but the official PayPal app for Windows Phone is now here, and for once it is not a Nokia exclusive. The app features: SEND & REQUEST MONEY Whether you want to send a money gift or pay off a loan from a friend—sending money is easy and FREE (when using BankContinue reading “Official PayPal app finally comes to Windows Phone”

Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8 coming soon!

Microsoft has been removing a number of its Zune desktop app features recently, in preparation for the upcoming switch to Xbox Music. While the company is readying its new music subscription service, Microsoft will also introduce new apps to manage and sync Windows Phone 8 devices. Sources close to Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans have revealed the lookContinue reading “Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8 coming soon!”

Windows Phone 8 Devices & Leaks Overview

With a Windows Phone 8 and a NOKIA keynote expected this coming Wednesday (5th) we thought it would be good to run over the latest Windows Phone 8 devices that have been leaked leading up to the release of the OS. When the platform was previewed, 4 manufacturers were mentioned, so lets run over whatContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 Devices & Leaks Overview”

NOKIA bringing the best of Symbian to Windows Phone

Nimbuzz, a cross-platform messaging app, has around 105 million users, mostly on Symbian. A version already exists in Marketplace, having arrived on the 13th July 2012, but Nokia is working on bringing an optimised version to the Nokia Collection, as part of a push to bring the best of Symbian applications to Windows Phone. “NimbuzzContinue reading “NOKIA bringing the best of Symbian to Windows Phone”

Samsung to partner and focus more on Windows Phone?

The fall-out of Apple’s win against Samsung in US court is still coming clear, but many have already branded Microsoft as the biggest winner. As well as an unnamed Asian smartphone OEM who said they would “diversify into other products running Windows” in response, and now Samsung officials have also told Korea Times that theyContinue reading “Samsung to partner and focus more on Windows Phone?”