Google to add native Maps app to iOS6

Apple’s biggest criticism of the new iOS 6, and the new iPhone 5, is the lack of Google applications, namely YouTube and Maps. But it seems Google has some pity upon their iFriends out there by bringing their apps to the App Store, latest being Maps. YouTube The YouTube app on iOS is missing inContinue reading “Google to add native Maps app to iOS6”

Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

Not only have Apple released an update for existing iPad Garageband users, they’ve done it, what? They’ve put Garageband on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is awesome!!! The iPad update also delivered some additional features for the version including some bug fixes; – Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch  – CreateContinue reading “Garageband finally arrives on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!”

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach Album Review

Welcome to Plastic Beach, the new album by Gorillaz released next Monday 8th March 2010, but why not check out our review of it first. Orchestral Intro A short 1 minute orchestral intro, says it as it is, a lot more calming than the ‘Intro’ in Demon Days, in fact makes you rather sleepy untilContinue reading “Gorillaz – Plastic Beach Album Review”