How to add Weather Widget on Google Pixel, rather than date

The Google Pixel is a fantastic Android phone, featuring the cleanest build of Android yet, running on Android 7.1 Nougat and doing it better than ever. However, one feature of the Pixel advertised by Google was the Weather widget built in to the top right, which for many isn’t showing up and instead showing theContinue reading “How to add Weather Widget on Google Pixel, rather than date”

Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)

Keane are set to release their forth studio album on May 7th in the UK, 8th in the US, but whats the album actually like. Well turns out RKUK Media have been listening to it and here’s our opinion of the album track by track.  You Are Young Strangeland kicks off with You Are YoungContinue reading “Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)”

Keane – Night Train EP Review

Keane – Night Train EP Review House Lights – House Lights is a short intro track, which features alot of influences from Black Burning Heart, in fact if you played this before Black Burning Heart, it would probably sound like the same song, not too keen on this as I don’t think it should beContinue reading “Keane – Night Train EP Review”

Time for a pot of tea and a Biscuit!

Yes its over, after a 2hr and 30min stream its finally over, the first official show live. 43 viewers in max, the show could of gone far smoother though, i think the more we do the more smoother and clearer it will get in the proceeds. Tomorrow we have a planned show meaning it willContinue reading “Time for a pot of tea and a Biscuit!”