Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software

NOTE: This works for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch (all generations) AND the Mac Mini generations without a disc drive. Upon purchasing a MacBook Air, review coming soon, I thought it would be useful, for those who don’t know where to find them, to post the links to the dedicated software for Windows PCsContinue reading “Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software”

Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through

September 09th of the 09th month, 09, didn’t seem like much of a different day to the 8th or 10th of September, but one thing did happen that only happens once a year, and that was Apple’s annual music event. Apple’s music events have always been held in September October time, so no surprise! Steve’sContinue reading “Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through”

Mac Viruses : Why they’ll always be different to Windows ones!

When you hear the word ‘virus’, everyone assumes that only Windows based machines, but even Linux users have got and may still get viruses! Apple recently released Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, which can I say to annoying Windows users that its nothing like a service pack! Anyway, Apple integrated some source of anti-virus intoContinue reading “Mac Viruses : Why they’ll always be different to Windows ones!”

Apple Safari 4 Review (Few Months on)

I did a review of Safari 4 a while back and said it was great, faster, better than Safari 3, but since then, Firefox have released 3.5, Microsoft have improved IE8, well, its still better than IE8, but Firefox had millions of improvements. Main Features Safari 4 has now reverted the tabs back to whereContinue reading “Apple Safari 4 Review (Few Months on)”

Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Everyone has heard of Pokemon, and everyone, though many don’t admit it, have played Pokemon. Nintendo’s most popular platform does have some extras though. A few years after the release of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Re-makes of Red and Blue were released, Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red, the game was identical prior to a few new thingsContinue reading “Pokemon Liquid Crystal”