Blog Thursday 27th May 2010

Yes its time for another one, been another … while, although 10 years is longer than I usually wait. No, of course as usual, the reason I’ve delayed blogs is because I’m busy *cough, see, now I used stars for sarcasm, ooooo! Well, it’s a week off next week so alls good, right? Are youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 27th May 2010”

Blog Thursday 19th November 2009 – 4oD on YouTube, Weird College Room and more!!!

It’s Thursday, my day off which usually would be the case but for the first time ever in ICT I’ve got homework, I know, I’m thinking of consulting parliament, this is terrible, this is, WAAT, this is, oh my! So, yeh quite annoyed about that! I was also woken up by a drill noise, butContinue reading “Blog Thursday 19th November 2009 – 4oD on YouTube, Weird College Room and more!!!”

Blog Thursday 27th April 2009

Well this is kinda the last week of freedom pretty much before it all starts to kick off for another year I guess, and like usual its gone too fast, although saying that I’d of probably said that if it had gone slow just under the knowledge its soon back to waking up at anContinue reading “Blog Thursday 27th April 2009”

Blog Thursday 12th February 2009 – MacBook Ordered and More!

Expect: Anger, Exitement and “err… go on then” MacBook Ordered I’m happy and extreemly exited to report that my MacBook is ordered and is under shipment, oh am I exited or what! Heres the breif specs of the system in question; — 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (Centrino2) 1044Mhz running system (All PCs I’veContinue reading “Blog Thursday 12th February 2009 – MacBook Ordered and More!”

An almost college-less week!

After being quite disappointed I wasn’t in 6th form and now I just laugh at those who I used to think were lucky to be their, Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday off, although I kinda have Thursday off all the time so, thats probably not as special as it could be. What have I gotContinue reading “An almost college-less week!”

Blog Thursday 24th April 2008

As much as I’d love to say today was as epic as yesterday, unfortunately not, to be honest I haven’t really noticed today to be honest, all I’ve done is, me and Rob went Fiat Chiquento watching, don’t ask, Dr Conrad treatment kicking in again!!! If anyone plays lottery and can’t guess good numbers youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 24th April 2008”

Blog Monday 21st April 2008

Year 10s are back and don’t we bluddy know it, the school is crowded as hell, funny to hear about Aaron’s experience at ASDA!!! Overall today was alright actually, nought out of the usual, I was almost bord to the fact that the day was the same as always, eh! I’m sure everyone knows aboutContinue reading “Blog Monday 21st April 2008”