Blog Friday 25th June 2010 – I've gotta stop doing this!

So, whats happened in a month, well turns out quite a bloody lot and I have decided in my laziness to make it painful to write a long blog, ugh. Oh well, we must move on. Tell you what I’ll section it out, make it a lot more easier that I think. College Well CollegeContinue reading “Blog Friday 25th June 2010 – I've gotta stop doing this!”

iTunes LP Review – How this makes iTunes Top the Rest!

If you’ve ever had the impossible task of persuading someone older than 40 that digital music is the way to go they’ll probably shatter you in the face with jibber-jabber that its always better to get the CD itself, then they’ll probably brag about vinyl and all the extras you got with then, and forContinue reading “iTunes LP Review – How this makes iTunes Top the Rest!”

Keane – Better Than This

As you know I’m a Keane fan, and it was recently announced that Keane’s forth single from their Perfect Symmetry album will be Better Than This. Now to be honest I couldn’t stand this song when I heard it exclusively on Radio 1, then I got the album, it grew a bit, and now it’sContinue reading “Keane – Better Than This”

No Show this week, what a shame :D

Yes I’m sure your all completly gutted, the reason for this is that our “studio” so to speak is been re-decorated and so we won’t have a show in the weekend, we’re not sure about Sunday, but Saturday is definatly off and probably the same to Friday afternoon too! We will be back to normalContinue reading “No Show this week, what a shame :D”

Are you subscribed to this or someone else’s blog!

Just a quick note to people that this blog is also accessable through RKUK Online by visiting The Show Section and clicking Ben’s Blog, but did you know if you view all on anyones Blog on Bebo and click the orange RSS button you can subscribe to their blog and you will get notified byContinue reading “Are you subscribed to this or someone else’s blog!”