RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?

Dare we ask? Yep, Depressing. That’s the only word that comes to mind after reading the RIM Q1 financial results press release and listening to the conference call. As bad as the results were, I’m not going to write up a death certificate for RIM here. Yes, they are in real serious trouble, and no,Continue reading “RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?”

Just got a Mac, 10 things your probably should and might as well do!

1. Update your machine! Click the Apple Logo and select ‘Software Update’ and update your machine to the latest versions off all available options. 2. Download video codec for Quicktime 7 (Leopard) or X (Snow Leopard) i. XVid/DivX – Download from divx.com allows you to play .AVI and Matroska files ii. Flip4Mac – Search in Google, Microsoft link. AllowsContinue reading “Just got a Mac, 10 things your probably should and might as well do!”

Things I Would Never Trade!

You quickly discover things in your life that are unforgettable and you “wouldn’t trade for the world” well here are things which I wouldn’t trade. 1. European Women – Seriously america, keep ya women, no effense, but I can’t stand the american accent, don’t know why, maybe its the croaking at the end of everythingContinue reading “Things I Would Never Trade!”