Apple “Hey Siri” September Event 2015

“Hey Siri” was the event teaser, which ironically linked to a product which probably won’t be the one most remembered by Apple at this September event. Apple did make some very interesting announcements however in iPhone, iPad as well as TV of all things, but nothing in relation to the Mac which was a bitContinue reading “Apple “Hey Siri” September Event 2015″

Apple Watch (Sport) First Impressions

The Apple Watch is finally upon us, and, like any new Apple product, it’s arrived with a wide variety of reactions and questions. Is it good, we’re going to see, is it over-rated, probably, but it’s Apple’s latest and greatest product everyone’s talking about and that’s what we’re looking at now, in particular the SilverContinue reading “Apple Watch (Sport) First Impressions”

Microsoft rebranding Bing apps to MSN, making them cross platform!

In a surprise move today, Microsoft announced it will be bringing it’s entire Bing suite of applications cross-platform, as well as confusingly rebranding the ‘Bing’ name back to the dying brand of ‘MSN’. Yep, that’s the full experience of Bing Health & Fitness, Travel, Finance, Food & Drink, Sports, News, Weather, as well as othersContinue reading “Microsoft rebranding Bing apps to MSN, making them cross platform!”