OnePlus X Review

Straight from unboxing the OnePlus X, it was clear that the OnePlus X wasn’t going to be a typical £199 device, even the box feels like something you’d expect from the likes of Apple, or competing in the £500+, then when it comes to competing against other lower priced devices such as the Moto G,Continue reading “OnePlus X Review”

Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software

NOTE: This works for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch (all generations) AND the Mac Mini generations without a disc drive. Upon purchasing a MacBook Air, review coming soon, I thought it would be useful, for those who don’t know where to find them, to post the links to the dedicated software for Windows PCsContinue reading “Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software”

Blog Monday 18th January – Week Blog, Apple News and more!

Well here we are in another blog, have to apologise for taking nearly two weeks, annoying thing for my typing hands is I’ve alot for this blog, argh they’re aching knowing whats coming up. Since my last blog an individual of the UK other than me has become single, I’ve got some awesome Apple newsContinue reading “Blog Monday 18th January – Week Blog, Apple News and more!”

Spotify Review

Have you always wanted to have iTunes 100% free, you can go on iTunes and do a 30 second preview for free, but you’d like the equivalent in the entire track wouldn’t ya, well we’re happy to announce a program that does just that. Spotify is available for both Windows and Mac OSX and basicallyContinue reading “Spotify Review”

Adium 1.3.3 IM Client Review (Mac OSX)

When it comes to instant messaging clients to be honest they all have their disadvantages. Now I’m on MSN, which is highly rivalled by AIM in the US. Windows has of course the Windows Live Messenger for MSN users, whilst Mac OSX has opted for the AIM side of things by integrating that into iChat.Continue reading “Adium 1.3.3 IM Client Review (Mac OSX)”

How to download YouTube videos for free without software for free!

OK this is easier than you think and if you’ve payed more than nothing for a YouTube Downloader you’ve been scammed because you can do what the YouTube Downloader does yourself! ————— WHAT YOU WILL NEED; Windows : Maxthon 2 web browser OR Safari Web Browser Mac OSX : Safari — Other browsers may doContinue reading “How to download YouTube videos for free without software for free!”