Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!

We’ve previously discussed the potential of this happening, but looks like we may have been much more on the money than we imagined. Alongside a brand new ‘Phone Companion App’ coming in Windows 10, where Microsoft highlighted the multiple possible ways at which Windows 10 will be built from the get-go to connect and receiveContinue reading “Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!”

Siri says Windows Phone is ‘The Best Smartphone Ever’

Microsoft took a bit of fun this week at Apple’s iPhone 4S feature Siri, by asking a real iPhone 4S, ‘What is The Best Smartphone Ever?’, resulting in Siri showing a Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T. Obviously this is an embarrassment for Apple, who recently sent out an update to rectify the issue. Microsoft showedContinue reading “Siri says Windows Phone is ‘The Best Smartphone Ever’”

Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?

Its that time again, another Apple device has arrived and of course many are going to be queuing on Friday to get their hands on it, but why, isn’t what you’ve already got enough. Its that time again, is the new iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users. iOS 5 iOS 5 willContinue reading “Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?”