Blog Friday 13th (oooo) November 2009

No I don’t know why I did that either, but at the same time I couldn’t resist, well I’m sure we’ll find all sorts of things like that in our lifetime! <<WAT! Anyway, on that note we return to the matter in hand, this blog! Now in my last few blogs I have been braggingContinue reading “Blog Friday 13th (oooo) November 2009”

Blog Monday 28th April 2008

Today was like most Mondays really, until I.T when I upset a technician by launching my own web browser through their computers, for some reason he seemed offended, typical technician, he didn’t even know how it was made, heh, the shame! Meanwhile nothing much, speaking of the browser, you can download the browser for freeContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th April 2008”

There’s nothing wrong with a dedication!

You may have noticed the lyrics I’ve been dedicating to a girl called Mary and if your thinking thats sad or stupid, read on… I have only put the dedications on to show how I feel about someone, it could be that I really hate someone very bad or that I love someone alot, asContinue reading “There’s nothing wrong with a dedication!”

Blog Monday 7th April 2008

If waking up falling on a plug and badly hurting my arm wasn’t enough and then back to school!!! Today I finished the counter we started back in 20th March for the holiday season, almost got 50K views in two weeks on RKUK Online which is pretty slick, visit RKUK Online by clicking this linkContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th April 2008”