Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010

Welcome to my first blog of 2010. Since my last blog, Christmas has happened, my less than epic new year celebration and my first day of College … kinda. Christmas Christmas Day was always going to be a bit less of a Christmas Day based on the fact this is the first year I’m notContinue reading “Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010”

Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!

Can you believe its nearly an entire month since I did a personal blog, I’m telling ya that is a record, something which I think needs to stop now, one, so it’ll be easy to beat it again! No, not really, but ya know, its been a while! Since my previous blog I’ve been chasedContinue reading “Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!”

Blog Tuesday 20th January 2009

Today was a weird day for me, I don’t know why but something just wasn’t there and I don’t know what that means so lets move on. SXEphil If your up to hearing the latest big news and you would love it if it was funny sarcastic and someone could make the news sound soContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 20th January 2009”

An almost college-less week!

After being quite disappointed I wasn’t in 6th form and now I just laugh at those who I used to think were lucky to be their, Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday off, although I kinda have Thursday off all the time so, thats probably not as special as it could be. What have I gotContinue reading “An almost college-less week!”

Blog Sunday 13th July 2008

I don’t normally do a blog on a Sunday pretty much cause its my “chill time” but anyway I’ve alot to announce! SELECTION DVDS; RKUK Selection DVDs have been going since May 2005 and finally the old ones as in Selection 1 and 2 are available to listen to and download just like the recentContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th July 2008”

Are Fish 'N' Chips a Nations Favourite Food?

I pretty much know nobody who wouldn’t appreciate a serving of some fresh fish n chips from believe it or not a “fish n chip shop!” Is this a nations favourite food? I’ve only met one person who didn’t like fish, but you’ve still chips and of course you can now have a variety ofContinue reading “Are Fish 'N' Chips a Nations Favourite Food?”

Blog Monday 19th May 2008

Today started a bit wrong when me, Clayton and Chris listened to Ste and ending up going to Sports Hall 1 when we weren’t suppose to so today we were invisible, typical ste!!! Apart from that I actually think my maths exam went quite well apart from the last question which looked chinese, basket, shoppingContinue reading “Blog Monday 19th May 2008”

Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008

This weekend I’ve bought a new phone, a Sagem my511X, the phone is actually really good, my new number is on my MSN and will be for about a week, I’m also in the production of making a Media Player, oo! Also you can now download Selection DVDs again I know the links didn’t workContinue reading “Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008”