“MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!

Recently, a collection of security loopholes have being found within Computer CPUs, mostly in relation to the Intel. Above, you can see a list of the 6 major brands of CPUs (Central Processing Unit), and we can pretty much guarantee that the device you’re reading this post on, contains one of them. However, depending onContinue reading ““MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!”

iPhone OS 3.0.1

Apple have released to the world of iPhone, a new update, version 3.0.1. The update, unlike all previous updates will not be available for the iPod Touch, and that reason is going to soon become rather clear! Whats in iPhone OS 3.0.1 I must stress that this is not the upcoming 3.1, I just haveContinue reading “iPhone OS 3.0.1”