Blog Saturday 16th April 2011

I’ll be honest with ya I’m not in the best of moods whilst writing this, but hey, it’s been one of this weeks, don’t get me wrong this week has had it’s shades of awesomeness, but sometimes it just takes that one little thing to bring ya back to square chuffin one. But hey, let’sContinue reading “Blog Saturday 16th April 2011”

Blog Saturday 12th February 2011

Well, since my last blog we’ve entered the world of February and what a month its been so far, multiple rumours going round of new Apple gear, rumours of Gorillaz splitting up then confirmation from them that they aren’t and then rumours that I never went to a strip club, which I can confirm that I … … might have! lol.Continue reading “Blog Saturday 12th February 2011”

Blog Saturday 25th September 2010 – iPhone Revelation, Blackpool and more!

Since my last blog quite a lot has happened to be honest, most notably rather recently which is swell, nice to see stuff going on, so where to start. As usual I’m going to start in completely random order of when the event actually happened because thats the way I roll. iPhone 4 Next Week!Continue reading “Blog Saturday 25th September 2010 – iPhone Revelation, Blackpool and more!”

Blog Saturday 19th December 2009

Well, its the holidays, more precisely, the Christmas Holidays, oh yes! Whilst I may have made that last sentence sound like I’m totally exited about the christmas holidays well quite frankly I’m not this year, why? well because of the children meaning of christmas isn’t really that effective this year, ie. the presents. This yearContinue reading “Blog Saturday 19th December 2009”

Blog Saturday 7th November 2009

These past few months I have discovered something which is rather annoying to me personally and, well, in general and is really starting to effect me as a person, and thats the fact that I have a dull life. Seriously, ever since I started level 3 course, which I have to say I cannot stand,Continue reading “Blog Saturday 7th November 2009”

Blog Saturday 24th October 2009

I’m fresh from just doing the X-Factor tweeting and thanks to all the people who have @’d me with feedback from the show, anyway back to the blog, and may I just say what is wrong with me a lately, I haven’t been writing much blog recently have I, and ya know what the excuseContinue reading “Blog Saturday 24th October 2009”

Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!

Can you believe its nearly an entire month since I did a personal blog, I’m telling ya that is a record, something which I think needs to stop now, one, so it’ll be easy to beat it again! No, not really, but ya know, its been a while! Since my previous blog I’ve been chasedContinue reading “Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!”

Blog Saturday 15th August 2009 – Weird Night and, well, just weird!

I don’t normally write blogs at this time as I, well, never normally can be assed, but if I don’t, I’ll forget what happened which would be terrible! Basically, today has been a kinda breakthrough when it comes to randomness and, well kinda everything! It all started around quarter to three, phone call from RobContinue reading “Blog Saturday 15th August 2009 – Weird Night and, well, just weird!”

Blog Saturday 14th February 2009 – Valentine's Day Blog

Not that Valentines Day isn’t good, it’s just never been good for me and guess what this year was no exception, yeh great! But one thing that’s pretty cool is what’s to come, it’s the holidays and my shiny new MacBook is shipping, to make matters … well … good, it’s expected as early asContinue reading “Blog Saturday 14th February 2009 – Valentine's Day Blog”

Blog Saturday 31st January 2009

Expect: Back to XP woo, Demons 5, Bday, Night out and more! BDay Just to let cha know, my birthday is next week Wednesday 3rd February, which based on weather reports could be white, snow reports for next week are really picking up on the news. Why am I telling you this, well because it’sContinue reading “Blog Saturday 31st January 2009”

Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac

Now I’m getting very annoyed, as are Apple, about people saying that Mac arealways more expensive than PCs, in a word or two, there not, and in this post I intend to prove it. Spec The thing that people are getting wrong is this, spec. People are only comparing basic things like GHz, processor, RamContinue reading “Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac”

Blog Saturday 28th June 2008

This weekend hasn’t really been as epic as the last one, James H is over at Aarons so I’ve been with them lot pretty much all the time, don’t really like them that much but neither have Bebo or visit my website so I can say what I like. Quite jealous that James has aContinue reading “Blog Saturday 28th June 2008”