Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?

With Apple fresh on the heels of a whole new design and user interface in iOS 7 and likely their entire future roadmap, we thought it would be quite fitting to go back to the days of the first iPhone, the one that started it off, the one that revolutionized the entire mobile industry! …Continue reading “Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?”

Has the iPhone passed its sell-buy date?

As an iPhone user myself I can’t help wondering whats next for the device, when you think of the features the iPhone lacks, which lets face it is about 5, after that what can Apple introduce to make the iPhone appealing? App Store The only answer I’ve been given to that question is the AppContinue reading “Has the iPhone passed its sell-buy date?”

The real deal with T-Mobile Web’n’Walk

We’ve all seen the ads, web on the move with T-Mobile, never more than £1 a day or you can get a week for £2.50 although they don’t mention that, we got that from a T-Mobile book! Anyway, what exactly is Web’n’Walk and does it deserve the credit some give it, well in a word,Continue reading “The real deal with T-Mobile Web’n’Walk”

Blog Holiday 2008

Just come back from holiday from skeggy, whether was british, I’ll say that much, got a phone on T-Mobile, a Sagem my721X, awesome phone, wish I could say the same about the network, T-Mobile is S.H.I you know the rest. I’m actually taking it back because of T-Mobile rather than the phone, which is annoying…veryContinue reading “Blog Holiday 2008”

MacBook – How long to go?

Recently, as in a few week ago I said I was going to buy an iPhone 3G when it comes out, I can now tell you I’m not, but then I said I was getting a MacBook the next week, but didn’t, “just how far are you from the MacBook?” To be honest I canContinue reading “MacBook – How long to go?”

Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008

This weekend I’ve bought a new phone, a Sagem my511X, the phone is actually really good, my new number is on my MSN and will be for about a week, I’m also in the production of making a Media Player, oo! Also you can now download Selection DVDs again I know the links didn’t workContinue reading “Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008”

Sagem my600V on E-Bay Run Through

Just another mention about the phone going on E-Bay along with the laptop, I don’t know about you but PayPal is sh** no really I can’t set up my bluddy account, but I’m probably going to start again and all been well it will be online at E-Bay next week, as for the laptop thatContinue reading “Sagem my600V on E-Bay Run Through”