Samsung announce the eagerly anticipated Galaxy Note 7

As expected Samsung straight up skipped the number 6 in their Galaxy Note line, going straight in to 7 revealing this, the Galaxy Note 7, and unfortunately (kinda) it is the same handset that indeed leaked earlier, for better or worse. -HANDS ON WITH THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 – MrMobile– For the longest time SamsungContinue reading “Samsung announce the eagerly anticipated Galaxy Note 7”

Could Apple introduce an iPhone with a Curved “Edge” Display

If rumours are to be believed, perish the thought, Apple could be on the verge of releasing an iPhone remeniscent to Samsung’s Edge series of Smartphones, with full wrap around displays. The patent highlights a potential 5.8 inch iPhone display with an odd, but workable resolution of 1920 x 1310, the likely 230 extra pixelsContinue reading “Could Apple introduce an iPhone with a Curved “Edge” Display”

Samsung announces the Gear S2 Smartwatch

Whilst design has never been something we’ve given Samsung much credit for over the years, the new Gear S2 Smartwatch may get that slight exception. With a beautiful curvature and build, almost unheard of in Samsung design, the Gear S2 has a certain quirk about it, a certain cheekiness, and we like it for that. That quirkinessContinue reading “Samsung announces the Gear S2 Smartwatch”

Android Wear officially launches for iOS – Download here!

Well, it’s finally happened, a moment many fans of Android and let’s be honest iOS too didn’t think was going to happen, Android Wear support has finally come to iPhone. That’s right, now you can use a Smartwatch other than the Apple Watch, or the Pebble suppose, and use a much wider variety of Watches rangingContinue reading “Android Wear officially launches for iOS – Download here!”

Samsung Unpacked 2015: Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5

It’s that time again where Samsung announce their Flagship phablet device, the Galaxy Note, and this years is most certainly no different. However, Samsung didn’t just announce the Galaxy Note 5 everyone was curious about, they also took the time to release a new variant of the Galaxy S6, beautifully named the Samsung Galaxy S6Continue reading “Samsung Unpacked 2015: Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5”

Samsung announces Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Alongside a smaller more condensed version of their Gear VR Headset, Samsung today finally took the wraps of not one, but two, Galaxy S6 devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both devices see a range of things improved from Samsung but may disappoint the Samsung diehards by removing some of their most expectedContinue reading “Samsung announces Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge”

MWC 14 Day 1: Samsung Unpacked = Samsung Galaxy S5 & Gear 2 Devices

The most expected thing has finally been announced, today at Mobile World Congress, Samsung had their Unpacked Event and yes unveiled the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 surprised no one with its looks, which to be honest could be its biggest problem, there’s nothing too surprising about it, and the specs actually seem veryContinue reading “MWC 14 Day 1: Samsung Unpacked = Samsung Galaxy S5 & Gear 2 Devices”

Google (LG) Nexus 5 First Impressions

When it comes to Android, nothing has received more praise over the years than the Nexus project, which itself began 5 years ago following the G1 with the Nexus One. So far we’ve had 4 previous Nexus devices, the Nexus One (HTC), Nexus S (Samsung), Galaxy Nexus (Samsung) and the Nexus 4 (LG), but howContinue reading “Google (LG) Nexus 5 First Impressions”

Apple iOS 7: 5 things to love, 5 to not

When Apple originally announced iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, it became pretty obvious that the release was to feature the biggest change to iOS since any version of iOS in the past, it really is the biggest change to iOS since iOS 7. Naturally with big changes comes confusion to users after upgrading, luckily Apple knowsContinue reading “Apple iOS 7: 5 things to love, 5 to not”

Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920

Everything Everywhere, the 4G LTE network merger that brings Orange and T-Mobile in to one network, is expected to launch its 4G LTE network in 10 cities and rollout in more from the 30th October 2012. Joining the release of the new 4G network in the UK, EE are obviously going to have to releaseContinue reading “Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920”

How do the new Windows Phone 8 Devices size up?

With phones these days getting larger displays and form factor, its sometimes nice to know just how big the phone you are getting really is to the competition. If you are an owner of a Nokia Lumia 800/900, Samsung Focus or Focus S or an HTC Titan II, this chart could prove to be useful.Continue reading “How do the new Windows Phone 8 Devices size up?”

Windows Phone 8 Devices Comparison Chart

For the longest time, everyone has been wanting us to do in depth comparisons between all the main Windows Phone 8 devices as announced so far, so we thought ok then, we will, and here are our two comparison tables of Nokia, HTC and Samsungs high end range and Nokia and HTCs midrange. KEY: We’veContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 Devices Comparison Chart”