Windows Phone 8 Rumour Roundup

Windows Phone With the Windows Phone conference only on Wednesday, its time for a little rumour roundup from all the news we’ve heard so far, to do this we’ve decided to make a nice little chart of things we think are likely, possibly and maybe. Check it out below. We’ve also integrated rumours with newsContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 Rumour Roundup”

Official Windows 7 Prices Announced – Guess Cheap Prices were Just Rumours!

A few weeks back we announced some rumoured Microsoft pricings for Windows 7, it turns out they were just rumours, according to someone working at the Windows Team at Microsoft these are the prices for Windows 7 prior to it’s upcoming release! Upgrade (From Vista only): -> Home Premium: $119.99 -> Professional: $199.99 -> Ultimate:Continue reading “Official Windows 7 Prices Announced – Guess Cheap Prices were Just Rumours!”

Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?

Yes all that is spelt right aluminum! OK american spelling but anyway :: Their have been rumors of a future MacBook which will be thinner, have multi-touch and be made of aluminum rather than plastic as on current models, almost like the new iMacs changed! As you can probably tell this is quite annoying forContinue reading “Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?”