Blog Sunday 21st August 2011

Well, its been two weeks since my last blog which is already against the whole new schedule thingy I was supposed to be doing, oh joy I’ve failed already. Who Needs Social Networks? I challenged myself this week by going a whole week without social networks, in which I’m still in the middle of actually.Continue reading “Blog Sunday 21st August 2011”

Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011

Having not posted anything throughout the month of July you’re probably thinking my god Ben you are just taking the piss in the laws of laziness, well … kinda, but its the holidays so everyone is kinda occupied and of course I’ve been undergoing a massive revamp of the RKUK Media website so things haveContinue reading “Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011”

Blog Monday 12th July 2010

Well whilst nothings really happened today, quite a few things have happened recently which I might as well mention, seen as this is a blog! Anyway. Barbecue from a Bucket! As you know its currently the holidays, so my mind really can’t remember any dates of anything, which was the original reason for having aContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th July 2010”

Apple iPhone 3G – 1 Year Review

Apple iPhone 3G 1 Year Review In 2007 Apple Inc introduced the first iPhone, but not only that, but a whole new product industry for the company, since then Apple have introduced the iPhone 3G (2008) and the current iPhone 3GS (2009). Apple are expected to release the 4th iPhone in July but before weContinue reading “Apple iPhone 3G – 1 Year Review”

Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010

Welcome to my first blog of 2010. Since my last blog, Christmas has happened, my less than epic new year celebration and my first day of College … kinda. Christmas Christmas Day was always going to be a bit less of a Christmas Day based on the fact this is the first year I’m notContinue reading “Blog Monday 4th January 2010 – First Blog of 2010”

Blog Saturday 19th December 2009

Well, its the holidays, more precisely, the Christmas Holidays, oh yes! Whilst I may have made that last sentence sound like I’m totally exited about the christmas holidays well quite frankly I’m not this year, why? well because of the children meaning of christmas isn’t really that effective this year, ie. the presents. This yearContinue reading “Blog Saturday 19th December 2009”

Blog Sunday 13th December 2009

Its really kinda my fault I haven’t had a blog for nearly a month, so its only right I rush to it before its too late. Since my last blog I’ve had headache with EMA, missed three weeks of EMA because they decided to, I don’t know, not pay me, but finally got it sortedContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th December 2009”

Blog Wednesday 19th August 2009 – MacBook Down + Another Bike Journey + France Trip Info

MacBook Down Well, its not down, but takes 6minutes to start so yes problem, even if I get the best brand of computers there is I still end up with the dud one, you know what I completely give up when it comes to technology, to be honest I’m surprised my iPhone hasn’t collapsed andContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 19th August 2009 – MacBook Down + Another Bike Journey + France Trip Info”

Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph

What’s been going on, it’s been more or less 2 weeks since my last blog, busy? Not really. Eventful? Well …. had the moments, some in which are just wrong! Monday and The Devil’s Rectum The title is not to be ignored lightly because that’s what it was, it was the waters of hell! AnywayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph”

Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008

This week I found out two things that connect perfectly with each other, nope not me and another girl (Darn it), but the combination of my bank balance and the Apple Store when you login to college. Oh yes, if you goto the Apple Store you can visit the Education Store and save about 5%,Continue reading “Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008”

R-Browser – Summary

RKUK started the R-Browser back in April with the 1.0 beta created through the RLP (RKUK Lumnous Project) although since then the browsers have been designed and created entirely by RKUK. Version 1.1 was released, then 1.2, then we skipped to 2.0! The browsers have all shared the sense of ease-of-use, speed and reliability andContinue reading “R-Browser – Summary”

Blog Holiday 2008

Just come back from holiday from skeggy, whether was british, I’ll say that much, got a phone on T-Mobile, a Sagem my721X, awesome phone, wish I could say the same about the network, T-Mobile is S.H.I you know the rest. I’m actually taking it back because of T-Mobile rather than the phone, which is annoying…veryContinue reading “Blog Holiday 2008”