Are Lenovo considering buying Blackberry?

Lenovo, maker of many business Windows PCs, not to mention the child of tech giant IBM, is considering buying none other than just renamed manufacturer BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion). The news came after Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, told a French financial newspaper ‘Les Echos’, that a deal with BlackBerry could and I quote Continue reading “Are Lenovo considering buying Blackberry?”

RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?

Dare we ask? Yep, Depressing. That’s the only word that comes to mind after reading the RIM Q1 financial results press release and listening to the conference call. As bad as the results were, I’m not going to write up a death certificate for RIM here. Yes, they are in real serious trouble, and no,Continue reading “RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?”

Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]

After the rumors of Microsoft being a potential buyer for RIM just settled down, now there is a new report that RIM may tie-up with Microsoft for upcoming smartphone devices, yes you read that right! According to sources of Reuters, RIM may abandon its own already delayed Blackberry 10 OS and adopt Microsoft’s upcoming WindowsContinue reading “Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]”

RIM Death Spiral – Could Microsoft, Apple or Google be potential buyers!

We don’t talk about RIM and Blackberry devices that much, and neither does most of the tech business, some hope did arise when the Playbook was released, but that seemed to just disappear. The big problem is though, RIM is a company in trouble, whilst Blackberry 10 is coming along and devices expected soon, theContinue reading “RIM Death Spiral – Could Microsoft, Apple or Google be potential buyers!”

Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?

Ping Chat! “The World’s Most Popular Free Text, Picture and Video Messaging app for mobile devices” That’s all good, but could Ping! Chat be the BBM for iOS and Android users out there? Maybe, I mean, come on, this service is also available for Blackberry as well. Well, curious, we had a look and testedContinue reading “Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?”