Google Pixel 2 XL Review

As former, very satisfied, owners of the original Google Pixel, it was only natural we wanted to be one of the first to check out the successor to the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and so we did with the Google Pixel 2 XL. However, when it comes to a device with surrounding controversy,Continue reading “Google Pixel 2 XL Review”

Apple iPhone 7 Review

On the face of things, the iPhone 7 isn’t really much to write home about, for those who’ve either seen or owned an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, you’ll probably be looking at the above press image by Apple and thinking what’s changed, and you’d be right to as for the most part the designContinue reading “Apple iPhone 7 Review”

David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review

No one quite defines the definitions of unique, inspiring, more in the world of music than David Bowie. Whilst this will be unfortunately the last recorded material we will hear from him, what has been left behind is a fantastic, yet small, album with some incredible songs. Whilst like any album, Blackstar does have it’sContinue reading “David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review”

Hurts – Some Kind of Heaven Single Review

Following up from the darker sounding 2010 debut ‘Happiness’ and 2013’s ‘Exile‘, Hurts are now back with what sounds like a slight change of direction, at least at first, with their new single ‘Some Kind of Heaven’. Whilst at first Some Kind of Heaven sounds rather cheap, with it’s rather over-commercial heritage, after quite a few listensContinue reading “Hurts – Some Kind of Heaven Single Review”

Nokia Lumia 630 (and 635) – Review

When you look at it from a logical stand point, it’s hard to peg where the Lumia 630 really stands, is it a successor to the Lumia 620 as it would seem, or a better Lumia 520? This is something which gets even more confusing when you add the fact their actually is a Lumia 530 too?!Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 630 (and 635) – Review”

Hurts – Exile (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

The first album is never an easy one to deliver, especially when your first was as good as Happiness, and so with Exile, released today in the UK, have Hurts pulled through and given the goods? Well to see what we think, this is our Hurts – Exile (Deluxe Edition) Album Review. (Review of theContinue reading “Hurts – Exile (Deluxe Edition) Album Review”

Apple iPhone 5 – Months On Review

First Impressions The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest and greatest Smartphone and it’s literally the “biggest” thing to happen to iPhone, since iPhone as Apple states, and thats due to the larger 4 inch display (3.99 inch) running at the same 326PPI, however now at 1136 x 640, which is OK resolution but far fromContinue reading “Apple iPhone 5 – Months On Review”

Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review

Muse are set to release their highly anticipated sixth album The 2nd Law, which follows their previous album The Resistance. With The 2nd Law, Muse have definitely taken everything they’ve learned from previous albums and added some new flavours, either way, this is one album that definitely makes you look again!  Supremacy Supremacy doesn’t halfContinue reading “Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review”

Everything Everything – Cough Cough Single Review

Everything Everything are a UK band known for their unique sound and have a very loyal fanbase circulating around the UK and Europe, whilst the band have never had their big break we’re hoping second album ‘Ark’ can finally give them that break they truly deserve. Their first album ‘Man Alive’ got an impressive 4.5Continue reading “Everything Everything – Cough Cough Single Review”

Muse – Madness (Single Review)

Introduction Madness is kinda just that really, madness! The song kicks off with a very simplistic drum beat that keeps through the entire song, with ascents of ‘Undisclosed Desires’ at the start, but Muse fans don’t fear, the highly expected epicness begins in the middle, just like on Olympic single Survival (review here), and thatsContinue reading “Muse – Madness (Single Review)”

Blur – ParkLive (Hyde Park Olympics Closing Ceremony Gig) Review

INTRO Blur kicked off the Hyde Park gig as the Blur branded curtains unfolded to reveal the band, “Are you ready” shouts Damon, then the music begins.  Girls and Boys It wouldn’t be a Blur gig these days if they didn’t start with Parklife smash ‘Girls and Boys’, the crowd once again singing ever singleContinue reading “Blur – ParkLive (Hyde Park Olympics Closing Ceremony Gig) Review”