Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app

As noted by several who’ve received the update, Apple’s new iOS 6 Beta 4 just released to developers removes the dedicated YouTube app that has been included on the iPhone operating system since its launch in 2007. The reason for the removal is unclear, although speculation naturally turns to the strained relationship between Apple and Google. Aside from YouTube, Apple’sContinue reading “Apple release iOS 6 Beta 4 with no dedicated YouTube app”

MetroTube app coming back to Windows Phone Marketplace

MetroTube is coming back! When we were using Windows Phone on the NOKIA Lumia 800 we found probably the most incredible YouTube app that we thought Microsoft should even use as there default it, was that good. Sure it had bugs, but for what ever reason it was removed from the Marketplace, but we’re happyContinue reading “MetroTube app coming back to Windows Phone Marketplace”