LG announces the “take two” Android Wear Watch, the G Watch R

Despite launching an Android Wear watch back at Google I/O literally barely a month or two ago, LG have already announced a second Android Wear watch, this is the G Watch R. It’s clear from first glance that LG took very close attention to the reaction of the Moto 360 with the G Watch R,Continue reading “LG announces the “take two” Android Wear Watch, the G Watch R”

RKUK Private Conference 2008

Many things were announced yesterday at a secret RKUK Conference and alot was suprisingly about Selection DVDs and the many plans for them on RKUK Online, as follows; Embedment : Able to put RKUK videos on your site, now available by copying shortcut on Download button! All in 1 : RKUK started putting Selection DVDsContinue reading “RKUK Private Conference 2008”