BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!

Apple have a great platform with iOS, including a range of benefits and advantages over the competition, but one thing which has been quite a struggle to get just right has been Emulators etc remaining available on the platform. Whilst there’s been a range of methods getting such applications on the iOS platform, the officialContinue reading “BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!”

Just what do you get out of your Lumia 930 Wireless Connectivity Pack?!

When Nokia announced the Lumia 930, one added benefit, as has been one for many of Nokia’s flagships, was that Nokia would provide some very incising freebies to make the deal even more sweeter, and with the Lumia 930 they completely did that and then some with the ‘Wireless Connectivity Pack’! The biggest problem, just toContinue reading “Just what do you get out of your Lumia 930 Wireless Connectivity Pack?!”

Safari 3.2.3 Portable for Mac and PC

To download Apple Safari 3 for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, now you can below. Windows Requirements: OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 RAM: 128MB+ recommended Download Safari 3 Portable for Windows! (32MB .zip file) INSTRUCTIONS: To launch Safari 3.2.3 on Windows, open ‘SafariSetup’ folder, then ‘Safari’, then double click ‘Safari.exe’. MacContinue reading “Safari 3.2.3 Portable for Mac and PC”


I recently had an argument thats actually been going around, which do you think is the best, higher quality game play or average game play but with touch! A bit like the argument between PS3, 360 or WIi, personally I recommend anything Nintendo for the plain reason, THEY DON’T BREAK!!! Seriously how many times haveContinue reading “NDS or PSP”