“MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!

Recently, a collection of security loopholes have being found within Computer CPUs, mostly in relation to the Intel. Above, you can see a list of the 6 major brands of CPUs (Central Processing Unit), and we can pretty much guarantee that the device you’re reading this post on, contains one of them. However, depending onContinue reading ““MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know!”

Sky launch new service Sky Now TV

British broadcaster Sky has announced that its new Internet-based, on-demand TV service Now TV will be launching on Android and other platforms tomorrow. Competing with the UK’s LoveFilm and the recently-launched Netflix, Now TV promises customers an “easy and commitment-free way to enjoy amazing movies, instantly.” The first round of content will be taken fromContinue reading “Sky launch new service Sky Now TV”

HP waves goodbye to WebOS Tablet and Phone business?

A SAD GOODBYE TO WEBOS According to a Bloomberg report it seems HP is set to sadly close its WebOS business for Tablets and Smartphones. Quote: Hewlett-Packard may announce the plans as early as today, said the people, who asked not to be identified before a statement. The Palo Alto, California-based company is scheduled to reportContinue reading “HP waves goodbye to WebOS Tablet and Phone business?”

Apple releases Safari 5

Despite all attention heading towards the iPhone throughout the WWDC 2010 conference (blog on that soon), not many hours after the event Apple’s site began with Safari 5, and well, what a browser it is! New Features Ever heard the term, its not quantity, its quality, well Safari 5s feature set is like that, small,Continue reading “Apple releases Safari 5”

Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009

Well just a quickie to the chippie this one, another one to update you that I’m still alive. In this expect a MacBook update, well genuinely an update! WINDOWS USERS READ BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, COULD BE VERY IMPORTANT!!! MacBook Annoyingly for me, the macbook is now with an Apple Retailer to be repaired and today weContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009”

Adium 1.3.3 IM Client Review (Mac OSX)

When it comes to instant messaging clients to be honest they all have their disadvantages. Now I’m on MSN, which is highly rivalled by AIM in the US. Windows has of course the Windows Live Messenger for MSN users, whilst Mac OSX has opted for the AIM side of things by integrating that into iChat.Continue reading “Adium 1.3.3 IM Client Review (Mac OSX)”

Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac

Now I’m getting very annoyed, as are Apple, about people saying that Mac arealways more expensive than PCs, in a word or two, there not, and in this post I intend to prove it. Spec The thing that people are getting wrong is this, spec. People are only comparing basic things like GHz, processor, RamContinue reading “Blog Saturday 17th January 2009 – Comparing PC and Mac”

Blog Monday 14th April 2008

No blog yesterday because my PC just decided it wasn’t going to connect, pile of, I have now grown an even bigger hate to Mr Brocklesby as in from 9M% to 9M and 2 because he’s making me and Nathan stay through break and lunch till our work is done, to be honest if nothingContinue reading “Blog Monday 14th April 2008”