Google announces new rather expensive ChromeBook Pixel

Google today announced the Chromebook Pixel, a new Chrome OS-based notebook that Google is aiming probably directly at Apple’s MacBook Air, but with 32GB storage for $1300, really Google? On the hardware front, Google has built in a high-resolution touchscreen display, as well as 32 or 64GB SSD storage, a backlit keyboard, and a dual coreContinue reading “Google announces new rather expensive ChromeBook Pixel”

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologises over Apple’s Maps, even recommends alternatives!

Something new here from Apple, a kinder, gentler Apple, under Tim Cook, an Apple which is in fact able to apologise to their users for messing up big time. BGR reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook has apologized for  “falling short of their commitment” to “deliver the best experience possible to our customers” but promised thingsContinue reading “Apple CEO Tim Cook apologises over Apple’s Maps, even recommends alternatives!”

Fontica – The home of over 3000+ fonts!

Welcome to Fontica, the ultimate library of free fonts for your computer, whilst it does say they only work for Window, I’m on a Mac and yes they do work. I don’t actually know why anyone actually says fonts only work on certain OS’ as all fonts are either TrueType Font (ttf) or OpenType Fonts.Continue reading “Fontica – The home of over 3000+ fonts!”