Argos selling Nokia Lumia 800 for £119?

Check this out eh, the Nokia Lumia 800 SIM Free and Contract Free for an incredible £119, which is even more incredible when you remember that the RRP for this phone is at least £400, as Argos even mentions it was £449. Obviously many people have hoped that they can do the same as whatContinue reading “Argos selling Nokia Lumia 800 for £119?”

Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph

What’s been going on, it’s been more or less 2 weeks since my last blog, busy? Not really. Eventful? Well …. had the moments, some in which are just wrong! Monday and The Devil’s Rectum The title is not to be ignored lightly because that’s what it was, it was the waters of hell! AnywayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph”

Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008

This week I found out two things that connect perfectly with each other, nope not me and another girl (Darn it), but the combination of my bank balance and the Apple Store when you login to college. Oh yes, if you goto the Apple Store you can visit the Education Store and save about 5%,Continue reading “Blog Tuesday 16th December 2008”

Online musical dream!

Do you wish you could listen to an album before buyin it or just listen to it again and again for ever, well thats what MP3ME was designed for! MP3ME has many artists and you control whether we have any more, simply e-mail and artist/band or album to followed by keyword MP3ME, if youContinue reading “Online musical dream!”

Blog Tuesday 6th May 2008

Today started and probably ended like anyone really, the old ugh lessons and oo wheirs Ste skyving now scenario, not to mention the argh Mary and the one we all feel, GCSE Officials starting next week, yeh, a real great life! Something good to report now based on two things becoming one, YouTube and RKUKContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 6th May 2008”

Blog Thursday 17th April 2008

Today I got whacked on the head again in games, this time by a football so it wasn’t that bad, but still! I’ve added One Republics entire album Dreaming Out Loud to MP3ME, all 15 tracks, click the below link to listen to it; I’m probably going to add a few more channels toContinue reading “Blog Thursday 17th April 2008”

RKUK Online – TV Channels

Here are the live TV shows available on RKUK Online 1. The Show Live (tv1) 2. Live.Pirillo.Com – Chris Pirillo Live Stream (tv2) 3. E-Music – The Internet Music Choose You Control (tv3) Windows Media required! Open in WMP 4. Ministry Of Sound TV (uk based) (tv4) Windows Media required! Open in WMP 5. NickContinue reading “RKUK Online – TV Channels”

Blog Tuesday 15th April 2008

Well yet another day of resistant, ugh! Me and Nathan decided not to goto Mr Brocklesby at dinner time, which made the day alot more cheerful than yesterday by not having to eat in I.T afterwards. So instead back to the old tricks, Chris and the printing, Clayton joined in this time with Adam West,Continue reading “Blog Tuesday 15th April 2008”

Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008

Today has been yet another boring day, its amazing how much space Yr10 must take, it almost gives a sour taste in your mouth and I’ve no idea why, hope your Work EX is going alright you lot! I’ve updated RKUK Online’s menu scheme, but if anyone is finding it hard to find something, theirContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008”

39261 views in 2 weeks on RKUK Online!

During the holiday season we decided to count how much views we got from the community, WE MUST NOTE: RKUKs own views are not counted in this counter as the counter doesn’t count our I.P address, so we can’t update the amount. Anyway back to the story, if you want to check the results, clickContinue reading “39261 views in 2 weeks on RKUK Online!”

Blog Sunday 6th April 2008

I’ve added Daniel Bedingfields singles to MP3ME on RKUK Online, apart from that, thats probably about it! Just a reminder, Dr Conrad is going to be a series and the first episode is going to be filmed on Monday using the original Dr Conrad Movie script. However it won’t be on YouTube for a while,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 6th April 2008”