OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus ‘One’ for an incredible price!

Branded the ‘2014 Flagship Killer’, the most over-hyped Android phone was finally unveiled today at OnePlus hometown of China, and, whilst we don’t thing it has delivered to the hype, it certainly has something to say for itself! For starters it’s got some exclusive features up its sleeve, our first favourite was the fact it neither hasContinue reading “OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus ‘One’ for an incredible price!”

HTC One M8 Review

If you asked us to name our favourite Android flagship of last year, or even favourite phones of 2013, we’d definitely have the HTC One high on that list. Their was definitely a lot to love, the more matured Sense UI, the incredible look and design of the phone itself, and man the BoomSound speakers. However, it wasn’t perfect, especially whenContinue reading “HTC One M8 Review”

HTC announce new HTC One (M8)

Whilst the event for many began with a crashed live stream, HTC today announced the successor to the HTC One … the HTC One … how imaginative. So confusing is the name that they’ve add to add the codename on to the name to make it easier to identify, making the full name, ‘HTC OneContinue reading “HTC announce new HTC One (M8)”

Sony announces PlayStation 4

It was leaked, it was highly anticipated, we honestly weren’t sure whether to be impressed by it, but it’s official! Live on stage in New York, Sony’s Andrew House announced the PlayStation 4 games console! Whilst everything is pretty much as it leaked, the Apple karma, everything just look pretty damn spec heavy, although physicalContinue reading “Sony announces PlayStation 4”

Apple and the tech industry remember Steve Jobs 1 year on!

Apple have dedicate their homepage do Remembering Steve, as October 5th 2012 remembers the one year anniversary of his passing due to his suffering with Pancreatic Cancer. When visiting from any of Apples products whether being a Macintosh, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, or even on a PC, you are greeted with a 2Continue reading “Apple and the tech industry remember Steve Jobs 1 year on!”

Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920

Everything Everywhere, the 4G LTE network merger that brings Orange and T-Mobile in to one network, is expected to launch its 4G LTE network in 10 cities and rollout in more from the 30th October 2012. Joining the release of the new 4G network in the UK, EE are obviously going to have to releaseContinue reading “Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920”

NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review

I’ve always been interested in Windows Phone, ever since Microsoft decided to do something with its mobile platform back in 2010, and out came Windows Phone 7. At the time though, Windows Phone 7 was lacking even the basic of features such as threaded e-mail, copy and paste and multitasking. But now with Mango, theseContinue reading “NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review”

Blog Thursday 27th May 2010

Yes its time for another one, been another … while, although 10 years is longer than I usually wait. No, of course as usual, the reason I’ve delayed blogs is because I’m busy *cough, see, now I used stars for sarcasm, ooooo! Well, it’s a week off next week so alls good, right? Are youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 27th May 2010”

HTC Desire Review – First Impressions

We would forgive you for thinking at first glance that the HTC Desire is in fact the Google Nexus One, and lets fact it its an HTC device! But to be honest you’re on to something, like the Nexus One, the HTC Desire has the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the same latest version of AndroidContinue reading “HTC Desire Review – First Impressions”

Mac Viruses : Why they’ll always be different to Windows ones!

When you hear the word ‘virus’, everyone assumes that only Windows based machines, but even Linux users have got and may still get viruses! Apple recently released Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, which can I say to annoying Windows users that its nothing like a service pack! Anyway, Apple integrated some source of anti-virus intoContinue reading “Mac Viruses : Why they’ll always be different to Windows ones!”

One Mac OSX feature Microsoft should copy for Windows 7!!!

Yeh, can you believe this I am actually helping Microsoft!!! Well with the shock of big company Woolworths closing down after one mistake, it makes you think doesn’t it, if the next version of Windows is even a shadow as bad as Vista, Microsoft Windows could become bust. What are you talking about here! 100%Continue reading “One Mac OSX feature Microsoft should copy for Windows 7!!!”

Do you fancy one of your friends or one of your friends girl/boy friends?

See what I did their make it for all. Do You Fancy one of your friends or friends girl/boy friends? I’m sorry to say that its happening to me, and I’d love to here from you if its happened to you, just comment to this blog, unless you are that girl, even though you wouldn’tContinue reading “Do you fancy one of your friends or one of your friends girl/boy friends?”