HTC unviels the One M8 for Windows

You can look at the M8 for Windows in two ways, on one end it’s a lazy re-release of a family of Android devices with just a different OS packed on to it, or you can look at as a very interesting marketing trend that could, emphasis on could, really take off, I mean oneContinue reading “HTC unviels the One M8 for Windows”

Apple iPhone 5 – Months On Review

First Impressions The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest and greatest Smartphone and it’s literally the “biggest” thing to happen to iPhone, since iPhone as Apple states, and thats due to the larger 4 inch display (3.99 inch) running at the same 326PPI, however now at 1136 x 640, which is OK resolution but far fromContinue reading “Apple iPhone 5 – Months On Review”

Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review

Muse are set to release their highly anticipated sixth album The 2nd Law, which follows their previous album The Resistance. With The 2nd Law, Muse have definitely taken everything they’ve learned from previous albums and added some new flavours, either way, this is one album that definitely makes you look again!  Supremacy Supremacy doesn’t halfContinue reading “Muse – The 2nd Law Album Review”

Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)

Keane are set to release their forth studio album on May 7th in the UK, 8th in the US, but whats the album actually like. Well turns out RKUK Media have been listening to it and here’s our opinion of the album track by track.  You Are Young Strangeland kicks off with You Are YoungContinue reading “Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)”

NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review

I’ve always been interested in Windows Phone, ever since Microsoft decided to do something with its mobile platform back in 2010, and out came Windows Phone 7. At the time though, Windows Phone 7 was lacking even the basic of features such as threaded e-mail, copy and paste and multitasking. But now with Mango, theseContinue reading “NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review”

How to run Safari 3 on 10.6 Snow Leopard! FINALLY SOLVED!

If you’re like me and you don’t like Safari 4 for the one reason you have no progress bar, what’s all that about, having said that even Google Chrome is the same, but anyway, for Snow Leopard users its finally solved. 1. Download the same Safari 3.2.3 portable by clicking here! (Open in a new tab/window)Continue reading “How to run Safari 3 on 10.6 Snow Leopard! FINALLY SOLVED!”

Blog Thursday 19th November 2009 – 4oD on YouTube, Weird College Room and more!!!

It’s Thursday, my day off which usually would be the case but for the first time ever in ICT I’ve got homework, I know, I’m thinking of consulting parliament, this is terrible, this is, WAAT, this is, oh my! So, yeh quite annoyed about that! I was also woken up by a drill noise, butContinue reading “Blog Thursday 19th November 2009 – 4oD on YouTube, Weird College Room and more!!!”

Blog Friday 2nd October 2009 – Single, Olympics 2016, iPhone on 3 networks and more!

Welcome to the life of a guy who can’t have a decent relationship over the period of what, a day, which lets be frank is longer than a lot previously to be honest, but ya know what I’m still happy, to be honest you should always leave a relationship with a positive attitude, I meanContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd October 2009 – Single, Olympics 2016, iPhone on 3 networks and more!”

Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009

Expect: Life, Dr Conrad on Randall & Hopkirk, return of an old pal, and more!!! Life I’m gonna be honest with ya, I haven’t really been paying much attention to blogging recently and since RKUK Online collapsed I’ve kinda been a bit over-lazy ya could say, how do you manage, seriously life without some sortContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009”

Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph

What’s been going on, it’s been more or less 2 weeks since my last blog, busy? Not really. Eventful? Well …. had the moments, some in which are just wrong! Monday and The Devil’s Rectum The title is not to be ignored lightly because that’s what it was, it was the waters of hell! AnywayContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 23rd June 2009 – The Devil's Rectum + 2 Weeks in a Paragraph”

iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!

Price: £2.39 / Free Lite/Demo Version also available. Review This is quite possibly the easiest game to start using, you have literally one control, you touch to jump, and turn left and right to move. Whilst the scenario of gameplay sounds rather boring it becomes very addictive, I’ve had this game for two weeks nowContinue reading “iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!”

How to create and use MSN/Windows Live on a Mac or iPhone?

The easiest way to set it up on an iPhone in my opinion is to do it through your computer then use iTunes to sync the account to the iPhone, but all you need are these simple protocols, well, they may not look simple, but trust me, your asked for these, here they are, simpleContinue reading “How to create and use MSN/Windows Live on a Mac or iPhone?”