Google Pixel Review

When Google announced the Google Pixel at their “madebygoogle” Event earlier last month, I think it’s fair to say we weren’t too impressed with the thing, which isn’t exactly surprising to look at the thing, on the surface. The device doesn’t exactly spring out as an exciting device at all, but that’s not where theContinue reading “Google Pixel Review”

Android Wear officially launches for iOS – Download here!

Well, it’s finally happened, a moment many fans of Android and let’s be honest iOS too didn’t think was going to happen, Android Wear support has finally come to iPhone. That’s right, now you can use a Smartwatch other than the Apple Watch, or the Pebble suppose, and use a much wider variety of Watches rangingContinue reading “Android Wear officially launches for iOS – Download here!”

Google IO 2015 – Android M, Wear updates and more!

Google IO was upon us this week and it’s fair to say we were glued and excited to see all the latest and greatest Google has to offer the world. Typically Google takes this opportunity to show off the latest version of Android and further updates across the board all around Google, and this yearContinue reading “Google IO 2015 – Android M, Wear updates and more!”

Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!

We’ve previously discussed the potential of this happening, but looks like we may have been much more on the money than we imagined. Alongside a brand new ‘Phone Companion App’ coming in Windows 10, where Microsoft highlighted the multiple possible ways at which Windows 10 will be built from the get-go to connect and receiveContinue reading “Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!”

Sky launch new service Sky Now TV

British broadcaster Sky has announced that its new Internet-based, on-demand TV service Now TV will be launching on Android and other platforms tomorrow. Competing with the UK’s LoveFilm and the recently-launched Netflix, Now TV promises customers an “easy and commitment-free way to enjoy amazing movies, instantly.” The first round of content will be taken fromContinue reading “Sky launch new service Sky Now TV”