Windows RT update won’t work with Windows 10, just a Start change? Where have we seen that before.

Ah, Windows RT, whilst on paper a good idea, getting the Windows platform to run on mobile chips, meaning more efficiently and diversely able to compete with Android and iOS closely, but that never really worked did it? Whilst we had our own dabbles with Windows RT, in which we were actually a fan ofContinue reading “Windows RT update won’t work with Windows 10, just a Start change? Where have we seen that before.”

Classic The Late Late Show 2010 – Stephen Fry Special [CLASSIC] The Late Late Show 23rd February 2010 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Here’s a classic episode of The Late Late Show featuring Stephen Fry. In 2010, Craig Ferguson and Stephen Fry did a whole show without an audience, and what was the result, well an award winning episode of The LateContinue reading “Classic The Late Late Show 2010 – Stephen Fry Special”

Blog Monday 28th April 2008

Today was like most Mondays really, until I.T when I upset a technician by launching my own web browser through their computers, for some reason he seemed offended, typical technician, he didn’t even know how it was made, heh, the shame! Meanwhile nothing much, speaking of the browser, you can download the browser for freeContinue reading “Blog Monday 28th April 2008”

We’re half an  Apple away!

The funding towards a new MacBook is now exactly half way, can’t wait till I’m completely their, I’m definatly gonna broadcast The Show Live and show you what its like when I finally get it, can’t wait! A new OS, new computer, NO MORE WINDOWS!!!!!!! Ben

No Show this week, what a shame :D

Yes I’m sure your all completly gutted, the reason for this is that our “studio” so to speak is been re-decorated and so we won’t have a show in the weekend, we’re not sure about Sunday, but Saturday is definatly off and probably the same to Friday afternoon too! We will be back to normalContinue reading “No Show this week, what a shame :D”