Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today finally took the wraps off, not the Surface mini but what can you do, the Surface Pro 3, 12 inch tablet that’s finally ready to take on the laptops of the world. The Surface is already easily the most productive tablet in existent, but now things get even better with the Surface ProContinue reading “Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3”

Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]

Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to see our update posted on 15/2/14 of massive 8.1 feature list It all began February 10th, Microsoft quietly released the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to a select few Developers for testing and for those to provide updates to their apps awaiting the release of Windows Phone 8.1. AllContinue reading “Windows Phone 8.1 – What we know and what’s to come? [UPDATED]”

Our opinion of Satya Nadella, and the future of Microsoft

This week Microsoft finally named the next in line to CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s third in line to the CEO position after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Satya Nadella is Indian born and has specialised in Microsoft’s Cloud Division over the last few years he’s spent at Microsoft, including SkyDrive (soon to be OneDrive), andContinue reading “Our opinion of Satya Nadella, and the future of Microsoft”

Satya Nadella named Microsoft CEO

Microsoft today finally took the wraps of the next CEO of the Company, Satya Nadella. Satya has been a rather lesser known public name at Microsoft, his main projects have been focused on the Windows Asure project, which is one of the key reasons Microsoft are confident in him as CEO as the industry goes online andContinue reading “Satya Nadella named Microsoft CEO”