Nokia unveil the N1, their first Android Powered Tablet!

If you were wondering what Nokia were up to now that their entire phone division is now part of Microsoft with Microsoft Mobile, and that they only really have less known solutions left? Well, whilst the Nokia that’s left has kept rather quiet since the deal, they’ve randomly decided to unveil a very iPad mini inspired AndroidContinue reading “Nokia unveil the N1, their first Android Powered Tablet!”

Oppo Find 7 – The worlds first 2K display Smartphone!

Oppo may not be a brand that first sticks to your mind when you think of Smartphones, or stick in your mind at all, however don’t let that put you off this Chinese manufacturer, who have recently been doing really great things in the world of Android. The companies Find 5, for example, was theContinue reading “Oppo Find 7 – The worlds first 2K display Smartphone!”