David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review

No one quite defines the definitions of unique, inspiring, more in the world of music than David Bowie. Whilst this will be unfortunately the last recorded material we will hear from him, what has been left behind is a fantastic, yet small, album with some incredible songs. Whilst like any album, Blackstar does have it’sContinue reading “David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review”

Apple WWDC 2015 – OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2 and Apple Music

After what can only be described as a cringeworthy, but oddly not too bad introduction video by a director attempting to make a developer conference something we’d only expect out of some odd musical, but all doesn’t go well so they have to restart with a signature Apple dung and have to resort to basics,Continue reading “Apple WWDC 2015 – OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2 and Apple Music”

Everything Everything – Cough Cough Single Review

Everything Everything are a UK band known for their unique sound and have a very loyal fanbase circulating around the UK and Europe, whilst the band have never had their big break we’re hoping second album ‘Ark’ can finally give them that break they truly deserve. Their first album ‘Man Alive’ got an impressive 4.5Continue reading “Everything Everything – Cough Cough Single Review”

NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review

I’ve always been interested in Windows Phone, ever since Microsoft decided to do something with its mobile platform back in 2010, and out came Windows Phone 7. At the time though, Windows Phone 7 was lacking even the basic of features such as threaded e-mail, copy and paste and multitasking. But now with Mango, theseContinue reading “NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review”

Nokia Lumia 800 and its effects on the Windows Phone platform!

Nokia Lumia 800 The new NOKIA Lumia 800 is a device with one word at the back of Microsoft and NOKIAs mind, “risk”. The Lumia 800 is the first device to arrive from the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announced earlier this year, and to any NOKIA fanatic its basically an N9 running Windows Phone right? Well, nearly,Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 800 and its effects on the Windows Phone platform!”

The Late Late Show – 31st October 2011 [HD]

http://blip.tv/play/h6EsgtvqNAA.html?p=1 The Late Late Show 31st October 2011 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The halloween special has a special musical opening, show continues with guests Zooey Deschanel and Neil Gaiman who later joins musical guests The Dresden Dolls featuring Moby, Stephin Merritt in a performance of Science Fiction/Double Feature from The Rocky HorrorContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 31st October 2011 [HD]”

Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011

Having not posted anything throughout the month of July you’re probably thinking my god Ben you are just taking the piss in the laws of laziness, well … kinda, but its the holidays so everyone is kinda occupied and of course I’ve been undergoing a massive revamp of the RKUK Media website so things haveContinue reading “Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011”

Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through

September 09th of the 09th month, 09, didn’t seem like much of a different day to the 8th or 10th of September, but one thing did happen that only happens once a year, and that was Apple’s annual music event. Apple’s music events have always been held in September October time, so no surprise! Steve’sContinue reading “Apple Music Event September 2009 – 09/09/09 – Quick Run Through”

Spotify Review

Have you always wanted to have iTunes 100% free, you can go on iTunes and do a 30 second preview for free, but you’d like the equivalent in the entire track wouldn’t ya, well we’re happy to announce a program that does just that. Spotify is available for both Windows and Mac OSX and basicallyContinue reading “Spotify Review”

Keane – Perfect Symmetry Music Video Review

Yesterday RKUK recieved the music video for the next upcoming single which is of course ‘Perfect Symmetry’, since the video for ‘Spiralling’ being pretty poor, and no one actually knowing what the hell was going on on the video for ‘The Lovers Are Losing’, you’ll be happy to know that the new music video forContinue reading “Keane – Perfect Symmetry Music Video Review”

What would you rather watch? Football, movies, music gig, comedian?

Personally I’d rule out football any day, I’m not saying I’m against football, I just think you see more from the tele to be honest. I once saw Jimmy Carr think it was at Skegness or something, that was alright although to be honest I had to rely on the screens to see him, probablyContinue reading “What would you rather watch? Football, movies, music gig, comedian?”