Online musical dream!

Do you wish you could listen to an album before buyin it or just listen to it again and again for ever, well thats what MP3ME was designed for! MP3ME has many artists and you control whether we have any more, simply e-mail and artist/band or album to followed by keyword MP3ME, if youContinue reading “Online musical dream!”

Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008

I’ve never had such a busy holiday, seriously! Yesterday once again I didn’t have a blog because I was too busy, god this is quite exausting! Yesterday we got a bit of Dr Conrad Movie filming done by going to Leeds! It was actually quite amusing even though we did only get a minimul amountContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008”

3 Extremely Rare Songs by Keane on MP3ME!

We’re talking extinct here man, these are demos by Keane that were sung by former member Dominic Scott, you can listen to them on the Keane-The Unreleased section of MP3ME on RKUK Online, link to that below; [[[deadlink*]]] Tracks; 1925 – A dark, yet calm song said to explain Doms departure from the band! MotherContinue reading “3 Extremely Rare Songs by Keane on MP3ME!”

Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008

If anyone is a fan of the Keane font that was exclusively used on the UTIS album and singles, RKUK have a download link on MP3ME section, also, Nathan I haven’t forgotton, Elvis will be put on, I’ve been given a list and they will be added! Today I swept through an IT exam, MrContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 7th May 2008”

Blog Thursday 17th April 2008

Today I got whacked on the head again in games, this time by a football so it wasn’t that bad, but still! I’ve added One Republics entire album Dreaming Out Loud to MP3ME, all 15 tracks, click the below link to listen to it; I’m probably going to add a few more channels toContinue reading “Blog Thursday 17th April 2008”

Blog Sunday 6th April 2008

I’ve added Daniel Bedingfields singles to MP3ME on RKUK Online, apart from that, thats probably about it! Just a reminder, Dr Conrad is going to be a series and the first episode is going to be filmed on Monday using the original Dr Conrad Movie script. However it won’t be on YouTube for a while,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 6th April 2008”

Blog Saturday 5th April 2008

I woke up with a dead spider on my nose which started the day perfectly, besides that, an OK morning! I’m adding Daniel Bedingfield to MP3ME bit of a shock I know but it was requested and to be honest, he is a fantastic singer! I’m recording a video showing website people how to addContinue reading “Blog Saturday 5th April 2008”

Blog Friday 4th April 2008

Got up about 4:30PM, bluddy alarm and crap quilt, but enough about that! Today I’ve added another MP3ME, this time for Fightstar for you rockers out their! Got quite stressed when Carly started insulting me for no reason, but she stopped, finally!!! Thats all girls do to me is insult me, huh. Seriously I needContinue reading “Blog Friday 4th April 2008”