Nokia releases Glam Me app for Windows Phone

We gave you a sneak peek at Nokia’s Glam Me app a few weeks ago at Mobile World Congress and now the app is live the Store. The app is a simple self-portrait app that uses the front-facing camera to take some adjusted photos of oneself, applying some filters and adjustments along the way. TheContinue reading “Nokia releases Glam Me app for Windows Phone”

New productions with Who Meeee????

Who Me????? RKUK Media are set to unleash an all new sections to RKUK Media to broaden the reach of viewers and visitors to RKUK Media. RKUK Media is committed to delivering the best content to the RKUK website as well as keeping up our target audiences, and by launching and building on one ofContinue reading “New productions with Who Meeee????”

Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)

Keane are set to release their forth studio album on May 7th in the UK, 8th in the US, but whats the album actually like. Well turns out RKUK Media have been listening to it and here’s our opinion of the album track by track.  You Are Young Strangeland kicks off with You Are YoungContinue reading “Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)”

Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue

[[[UPDATE]]] To get all Protocols back catalogue now; All Protocol songs are available to download from RKUK Media, click the Play button at the left side of what you want. You can both play and download all songs! Rules of Engagement The unreleased album by Protocol B-Sides Protocol b-sides from the two released singles. AcousticContinue reading “Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue”