Latest Android platform version numbers show KitKat rising, Honeycomb finally fall

We tend not to post Android platform stats too often, but we mainly wanted to do so to prove another WWDC 2014 stat wrong. During WWDC 2014, Tim Cook claimed that over a third of Android users were using a version of Android from 4 years ago, let’s see how that stacked up in real,Continue reading “Latest Android platform version numbers show KitKat rising, Honeycomb finally fall”

The Late Late Show – 4th November 2011 [HD] The Late Late Show 4th November 2011 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks of the show with guest Neil Patrick Harris and Imelda May performs. *The Late Late Show is now available in 4 versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in 3 non-Flash versions. AllContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 4th November 2011 [HD]”

Blog Wednesday 11th May 2011

I know what you’re thinking ya thinking, well probably first I we really starting this conversation thing at the start of the blog, well yes on that one! No, you’re probably thinking, err, wow Ben a midweek blog, and yes we’re gonna see how it goes. No, stuff has sorta happened really so err, letsContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 11th May 2011”

Blog Friday 6th May 2011 – Easter Hols, Emotional Breakdown and more!

Its all been a bit much recently if I’m been honest with ya. Well, we left off before the holidays which in many ways ya know were a bit too much to take, I’ll probably get to the reasons why pretty soon, but first I need to put some new batteries in my Magic Mouse,Continue reading “Blog Friday 6th May 2011 – Easter Hols, Emotional Breakdown and more!”

Apple iMac Refresh May 2011 – Thunderbolt, AMD Graphics and more!

Introduction When it comes to Apple, they reinvent technology, they master it and make it something we inspire to purchase, which is probably tactical marketing you’re probably thinking, but thats the thing its not, well not all of it. What do I mean by this, well, if you’ve never used a Mac and use Windows PCs for the restContinue reading “Apple iMac Refresh May 2011 – Thunderbolt, AMD Graphics and more!”

Blog Thursday 27th May 2010

Yes its time for another one, been another … while, although 10 years is longer than I usually wait. No, of course as usual, the reason I’ve delayed blogs is because I’m busy *cough, see, now I used stars for sarcasm, ooooo! Well, it’s a week off next week so alls good, right? Are youContinue reading “Blog Thursday 27th May 2010”

Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all

Haven’t been writing much blogs recently, well apart from some blogs on tech, which I have to make an update on, since I started on TechnoBuffalo I’ve had some incredible reception with over 120 comments praising my work for only 9 blogs, which can only be a good sign, so yeah thanks Jon Rettinger andContinue reading “Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all”

Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009

This blog is waaay overdue, just noticed I actually forgot to do a blog, plus I cut my left swearing finger so most of this typing is actually rather painful. Beth’s Birthday Surprise Last Saturday it was Beth’s surprise do. Here’s the setup, she thought on Saturday they were going for a meal, which obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009”

Blog Monday 9th June 2008

Waaayy overdue, it must have been a week now since my last blog, two phrases explain all GCSE and Exams, probably tests as well. But I’ve not just been sitting down revising like some kind of off the hoot geek, no I’ve been amusing myself (A-ah) no I mean Dr Conrad, now and then moreContinue reading “Blog Monday 9th June 2008”

Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008

I’ve never had such a busy holiday, seriously! Yesterday once again I didn’t have a blog because I was too busy, god this is quite exausting! Yesterday we got a bit of Dr Conrad Movie filming done by going to Leeds! It was actually quite amusing even though we did only get a minimul amountContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 26th May 2008”

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect the eurovision results, anyway, in certain days this weekend we were suppose to be recording Dr Conrad and everytime thats come so far we either can’t be assed or someone doesn’t turn up but Tuesday is going to be the day of beginning! I’m telling yaContinue reading “Bank Holiday Weekend Blog 23rd-26th May 2008”

Blog Thursday 22nd May 2008

Today didn’t really go perfect, it turns out if I’m to complete my IT tests I’ve to come after an exam in the future, oo! Also today something no one but Rob really wanted to do, today we were planning on filming the Dr Conrad Movie but Rob decided to walk to Tesco, in Batley,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 22nd May 2008”