Apple launch new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR!

Apple has today begun selling all-new Smart Battery Cases for their latest collection of iPhone models, notably the iPhone XS, XS Max as well as the iPhone XR. The cases are intended to increase the battery of your iPhone model, whilst also offering additional Qi support, even whilst connected to the iPhone. Apple previously onlyContinue reading “Apple launch new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR!”

Apple iPhone XS First Impressions

It may have one of the worst names in history, but, it turns out, Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone XS, is actually quite the Smartphone. However, how does it stack up in this ever competitive world? Design If you’ve seen, or owned, last years iPhone X, you won’t find anything too surprising about the designContinue reading “Apple iPhone XS First Impressions”

The Late Late Show – 14th June 2012 [HD] The Late Late Show 14th June 2012 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks off the show with guests Don Rickles & Max Greenfield.  *The Late Late Show is now available in many versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in alternate non-Flash versions. All non-Flash versionsContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 14th June 2012 [HD]”