Weekend Blog 30th – 31st May 2008

This weekend has been yet another busy one, I found this video from YouTube provided by blamesocietyfilms which is too epic, seriously! CLick link http://rkukonline.ds4a.com/index.php?p=1_271 let the vid play! Elsewhere I created 1234 pages on my site now, which is quite good I think, I might even have enough space to fit some plans ontoContinue reading “Weekend Blog 30th – 31st May 2008”

Blog Friday 2nd May 2008

I can’t believe people are still going on about Chris’ ordeal yesterday, unbelievable “I know broadband for £6.99 a month” sorry couldn’t resist! Elsewhere was a random English lesson, boring IT lesson with DuLally (Mr Lally) and to add to that a highly amusing Maths test! Back to Chris, in the morning Chris got aContinue reading “Blog Friday 2nd May 2008”