The Late Late Show – 27th September 2011 [HD] The Late Late Show 27th September 2011 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks of the show with guests Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jackie Collins and Trombone Shorty performs. *The Late Late Show is now available in 4 versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in 3 non-FlashContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 27th September 2011 [HD]”

Blog Friday 6th May 2011 – Easter Hols, Emotional Breakdown and more!

Its all been a bit much recently if I’m been honest with ya. Well, we left off before the holidays which in many ways ya know were a bit too much to take, I’ll probably get to the reasons why pretty soon, but first I need to put some new batteries in my Magic Mouse,Continue reading “Blog Friday 6th May 2011 – Easter Hols, Emotional Breakdown and more!”

Blog Tuesday 3rd February 2009 – Birthday Blog + 200th Blog Post!

Yep February 3rd has been my birthday for quite a while now, ?, yeh. Thanks to you who have either, sang it to me, said it, rang me, texted me or forgot, and all those have surprisingly happened, less about the last one, wouldn’t mind but that were my mum! Yeh my own mum forgotContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 3rd February 2009 – Birthday Blog + 200th Blog Post!”

Selection 60 and more!

On Friday will dawn the Selection 60 online and by 6PM on Friday you will be able to order a Selection DVD and detailed instructions on how the hell you do this will be on the Selection 60 page, Selection 60 will be available pretty much until 61 and will be a total of £7.Continue reading “Selection 60 and more!”

3 Extremely Rare Songs by Keane on MP3ME!

We’re talking extinct here man, these are demos by Keane that were sung by former member Dominic Scott, you can listen to them on the Keane-The Unreleased section of MP3ME on RKUK Online, link to that below; [[[deadlink*]]] Tracks; 1925 – A dark, yet calm song said to explain Doms departure from the band! MotherContinue reading “3 Extremely Rare Songs by Keane on MP3ME!”

Blog Monday 12th May 2008

Don’t know what Whitcliffe Mount are thinking with this perthetic break and lunch arrangement I mean its just, well like I said perthetic. Also today Mr B is still not back so we had this african/jamacan dude, no one could tell what he was saying, but no one cared either! Seen as Ste still hasn’tContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th May 2008”

Blog Tuesday 6th May 2008

Today started and probably ended like anyone really, the old ugh lessons and oo wheirs Ste skyving now scenario, not to mention the argh Mary and the one we all feel, GCSE Officials starting next week, yeh, a real great life! Something good to report now based on two things becoming one, YouTube and RKUKContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 6th May 2008”

Girls – My Regrets – Blew It!

>First Chance, Second Chance etc Blew It Yep, anyone who knows me knows who I’m talking about, the princess that is Mary!!! The first time I realised I loved Mary wasn’t actually when we first met, we met because of Richard and we were hanging around at break and dinnertime and my love for herContinue reading “Girls – My Regrets – Blew It!”

Blog Friday 25th April 2008

Today I added to my Elvis amongo in English after yesterdays sing-a-long in detention, you see, the reason I don’t have alot of detentions is not because I’m a geek and love school, its because teachers hate extra time with me, because I’m guaranteed to stress them out! Don’t know if Ste has noticed theContinue reading “Blog Friday 25th April 2008”