Apple Event brings Subscriptions and a Card, featuring Big Bird and Oprah!

Try not to fall asleep. Apple had some Event today to announce, stuff and we got stuff, so here it is! …. Okay fine, we’ll take it more serious, but seriously this was a bad Event by Apple, likely as Apple’s standards are normally much higher. What we did get, however, are a very clearContinue reading “Apple Event brings Subscriptions and a Card, featuring Big Bird and Oprah!”

Blog Monday 21st March 2011

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least … OK it hasn’t, but hey you can’t complain over trying to be possitive … oh you can, great. Lets just get on with it hey! College Despite having a massive tiresome ses all week College hasn’t actually been that bad, well if youContinue reading “Blog Monday 21st March 2011”

Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009

Well just a quickie to the chippie this one, another one to update you that I’m still alive. In this expect a MacBook update, well genuinely an update! WINDOWS USERS READ BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, COULD BE VERY IMPORTANT!!! MacBook Annoyingly for me, the macbook is now with an Apple Retailer to be repaired and today weContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 31st March 2009”

Blog Tuesday 17th March 2009

It’s St Patrick’s Day, yep bet you didn’t know till you went on Google either then, unless your irish … yeh. Anyway, back to reality if I can try. College This week has been pretty awesome and I didn’t do a blog yesterday so I wouldn’t jinx it but who cares, basically Jonathan hasn’t beenContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 17th March 2009”

Blog Monday 16th March 2008 – 1 Year of Blogging!

Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging over a year now, and to be honest I get a lot of questions from people simply asking why? Why do you blog? In fact the question was put to me today, and y know I couldn’t answer, it’s something you either can be assed doing or not,Continue reading “Blog Monday 16th March 2008 – 1 Year of Blogging!”

Blog Friday 13th March 2009

Oooooooooo, 13th ……. on a Friday, the world is going to end, arrghh ……. get a life! This blog returns me to my old ways, this is a 100% off the bat blog about things that are bothering me or praising me up in life and what not, yeh … what not! iPhone Event NextContinue reading “Blog Friday 13th March 2009”

Blog Monday 2nd March 2009

Just thought I’d throw one in, new month and all. Do you ever have such a busy time that you actually completely forget it, well guess what, that’s my excuse for not posting blogs recently, I’m forgetting all that’s happened during the day by the time it gets to the end of the day, ratherContinue reading “Blog Monday 2nd March 2009”

Selection 60 and more!

On Friday will dawn the Selection 60 online and by 6PM on Friday you will be able to order a Selection DVD and detailed instructions on how the hell you do this will be on the Selection 60 page, Selection 60 will be available pretty much until 61 and will be a total of £7.Continue reading “Selection 60 and more!”

Blog Monday 7th April 2008

If waking up falling on a plug and badly hurting my arm wasn’t enough and then back to school!!! Today I finished the counter we started back in 20th March for the holiday season, almost got 50K views in two weeks on RKUK Online which is pretty slick, visit RKUK Online by clicking this linkContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th April 2008”