Apple WWDC 2012 – iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, MacBook Air/Pro and Mac Pro updated, new MacBook Pro Retina

Beginning After an odd introduction by Siri, which wasn’t as funny as the classic Mac and PC, but still pretty good, the keynote was ready to start. The keynote kicks off with a much more witty it seemed Tim Cook who highlighted the usual year on year overview of progress and numbers, then a videoContinue reading “Apple WWDC 2012 – iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, MacBook Air/Pro and Mac Pro updated, new MacBook Pro Retina”

Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software

NOTE: This works for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch (all generations) AND the Mac Mini generations without a disc drive. Upon purchasing a MacBook Air, review coming soon, I thought it would be useful, for those who don’t know where to find them, to post the links to the dedicated software for Windows PCsContinue reading “Apple MacBook Air Remote Disc Software”

Apple spec bumps MacBook Pro Line 2011

Apple have today surprised us all … OK not all of us, but anyway, have updated their MacBook Pro lines spec wise now with some pretty nice offerings for the same price, lets have a look! 13 inch The 13 inch Macbook Pro saw a pretty cool spec update. The machine remains a purely DualContinue reading “Apple spec bumps MacBook Pro Line 2011”

Safari 3.2.3 Portable for Mac and PC

To download Apple Safari 3 for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, now you can below. Windows Requirements: OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 RAM: 128MB+ recommended Download Safari 3 Portable for Windows! (32MB .zip file) INSTRUCTIONS: To launch Safari 3.2.3 on Windows, open ‘SafariSetup’ folder, then ‘Safari’, then double click ‘Safari.exe’. MacContinue reading “Safari 3.2.3 Portable for Mac and PC”

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56

Steven Paul Jobs, known by most as simply Steve Jobs has passed away aged 56. Steve Jobs had been suffering difficulties related to Pancreatic Cancer over the past few years. Apple have issued a statement as well as an tribute saying; Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lostContinue reading “Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56”

Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!

Apple iPhone Event Announced Confirmed by Apple through invites, the upcoming October 4th Event that had been cerculating around the rumour-mill for a while has been confirmed to be taking place in the form of a simple Apple invitation. Around this time of the year is usually where we expect to hear about updates toContinue reading “Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!”

Could Apple be planning a whole new Mac line?

Apple has always been about the Macintosh, even if the iOS and iPod world maybe what they are more known for, I always feel that the Mac will always be Apple, but I’ve also felt Apple is shying away from the Mac. Whilst OS X Lion is good, it still feels like the “Mac” isContinue reading “Could Apple be planning a whole new Mac line?”

GTA to officially arrive to the Mac App Store by Rockstar Games!

  Grand Theft Auto is probably Rockstar Games most recognisable title they have, and whilst playing them on the Mac using Cider was about bearable for high spec Macs at the time, when they finally came to DVD for the Mac last year it was great to see Rockstar on the Mac platform. But DVDsContinue reading “GTA to officially arrive to the Mac App Store by Rockstar Games!”

Apple release physical version of Mac OS X Lion

Apple have, after many was noted to be shipping to Apple Stores, released Mac OS X Lion in physical form. But seen as Apple doesn’t seem to be a fan of the optical disc anymore, the physical version comes in the form of a USB Thumb Drive. Advantages of USB Thumb Drive version of LionContinue reading “Apple release physical version of Mac OS X Lion”

Apple releases Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1

Apple today unleashed Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 to the world. So get that Software Update running if its not already. The update is generally a bug fix update and also a very small update weighing in at just 17.4MB, which is small for Apple, which lets be honest, thats a good thing. In myContinue reading “Apple releases Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1”

Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!

Ah Apple, love em or hate them you can’t ignore them, and today Apple made a team of updates all at once. Mac OS X Lionfinally got released for the bargain price of £20.99, Apple unleashed new MacBook Airs and Mac Mini updates, stopped selling the white MacBook, released a new 64-bit capable version of iTunes for Lion, and released new Cinema Display. Toadd to that Apple have recordContinue reading “Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!”

Using FaceTime on Mac OSX

FaceTime is the technology behind the video calling functionality on Apple’s new iPhone 4 and then the forth generation iPod Touch, and now its even on the Mac. So, what’s it like. FaceTime for the Mac is still in beta, but is a free download and runs on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, lack of LeopardContinue reading “Using FaceTime on Mac OSX”