HTC announce all new One M9+ with Quad HD Display

Ever get the feeling you’re sounding like a broken record, yep HTC have announced yet another “+” variant for their HTC One family following the E9+ announcement, HTC have finally unveiled the “+” we were all waiting for, the HTC One M9+. But, before we continue with all praise and forte, we have to askContinue reading “HTC announce all new One M9+ with Quad HD Display”

HTC announce HTC One Mini 2

After months of rumours and speculation, not to mention the highest level of leaks, the mini version of the new HTC One M8 is finally here … brace yourself for the worst name ever, the HTC One Mini 2. Whilst it’s not full of the highest specs, something we’ve come to expect from mini versions,Continue reading “HTC announce HTC One Mini 2”

HTC announce new HTC One (M8)

Whilst the event for many began with a crashed live stream, HTC today announced the successor to the HTC One … the HTC One … how imaginative. So confusing is the name that they’ve add to add the codename on to the name to make it easier to identify, making the full name, ‘HTC OneContinue reading “HTC announce new HTC One (M8)”